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Ana Moon

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Cool game! :)

Good adaptation! I'll be playing the full game soon :)

This is so cool and fun. I like the one-click system. It feels weird at first but it's convenient.

Great demo! I hope to play the rest of the game :)

This looks fantastic :)

What a good and fun game. I love grandma's personality and her adventures are awesome. 

Nice start for a possible sequel 

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Both short games are cool. Put them together and it's even better :)

This is beautiful! I love ancient History, so it's a nice surprise for me. The graphics are perfect for such a tight schedule. Some lines are a bit too long but overall everything looks good. Congrats

I love your artstyle, it's always so "clean". Good story too. Congrats.

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Great job. The atmosphere takes you to the old movie. Congrats!

/spoiler alert/

Thanks for fixing it :)

In case it helps, the report txt. file says "Missing: NORMA_INV"

I still have the same bug with version 1.1. Maybe I should start a new game?

This looks fantastic. Too bad Norman disappears when he leaves the office after spying on her. Would you please fix the bug? :)

Fantastic! Thank you for making this cool game :) 

The final demo makes the snow a little less problematic 😁

I like it so far. I hope to be able to complete it soon :D

Gracias Paco! Enhorabuena por el resultado y un buen merecido primer puesto.

Oh this is fun :D

A brave and original game. The campfire scene is lovely.

I like the pixel art and the way he runs :D (How cool is to type in this font xD)

Good pixel art. The fog effect is cool.

Cool! So many lovely monsters :)

Cool short game! I love the style.

This game is not easy but, wow, it has so many characters and rooms. Well done!

OMG So hilarious! Congrats!


Hi! I have the edited tape and the priest is locked in the video room but I can't access the stage...

I like the gray color palette and the humorous sprinkles. I thought I had guessed the ending, but not quite, it was surprising who was alive. 

This game gave me a few chills. Good job!

Nice story and good game, congrats. Pixel hunting is not my thing, but in this case is not a random thing.

Oh, now I understand the "head mechanics" :D Thanks

Good game! Congratulations for releasing it despite your health problem :)

I was one of those people xD I was surprised to see the ending at the beginning lol. I downloaded your update because I was stuck at the first version and thought it might be a glitch. But I got stuck again, after getting a blessing. I'm loving the game BTW. Any hint for the pig puzzle? I gave it the apple and got where he says it's reckless. But I don't know what to do next.

Good game! The sheep puzzle is a bit tricky, but I enjoyed it a lot. 

Nuns and moustaches, what an hilarious combination :D

Slipman community · Created a new topic My full playthrough

This game is a lot of fun. I definitely recommend it!

I guess I needed a shovel to push down the snow at the end :P

I liked the second part so I had to play this too :) Short but interesting game 

Loved it :)