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Ana Moon

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So cool!! I love it :)

Cool and not so obvious how to escape.

Switching characters is cool. Cute and fun game :)

Really cool!! My gameplay (Spanish version):

So cool! I can't wait for the next part :)

Interesting and surprising!

Cool game :)







Hiding in the bushes was brilliant. 

Cool :)

Disturbing. Cool. :)

I love it :) Congrats to both of you!

Fun game!

Cool :)

Cool :) Day of the pizza coming soon? :D


Cool game!! :) My gameplay (spoiler alert):

Highly recommended :)

Nice game for Halloween :)

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It's fun to make the potion and do witch stuff :)

So good! Congrats :)

Short cool game :)

Cool game!

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Bonito juego :)

Mi gameplay  (Spoiler):

I'm uploading all your games to my YT channel. Nice games ^^

So funny and cute! ^^

Very funny and not too easy.

Cool game :)

I'm always impressed that this quality can be achieved in just two weeks. Congrats ^^

Short but interesting :)

Pure nostalgia. Congrats! Spoiler ahead


This game is original and has magic surprises. After playing the Spanish version, I was curious to see the English version :D And here it is:

Gracias Paco!

This could be a movie :) A lot of effort has been put into the text, detailed graphics, music, etc. I'm glad it's finally been released.

This looks very promising :)

My gameplay (Spanish language):

This game is LONG. I didn't play it earlier for that reason, but I liked the plot around the writers and such. Congratulations for finishing on time!

*ea*  *ia*y: this game is good :D

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This looks cool. I hope to play the full game :) In case someone needs more help with the puzzles: 

Good start for a promising adventure

It was my second time ;)

Interesting storyline. Not too easy, original puzzles. I did a playthrough to feature your game on my YT channel. 

Superb pixel art!