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Ana Moon

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I love the mix! Good game :) My playthrough:

Highly recommended! I liked the atmosphere, the plot and the music. My playthrough:

I didn't know this game! I love it, really :) My longplay in English:

I liked it despite a certain issue with a glass which kept me wandering for a while.

It looks like this game is going to be fun :)

Cool. Too bad it's so short ;)

I can't wait to see the next adventures of this peculiar lady and her cat. Congrats, cool game! Here's my full playthrough:

January this year xD I didn't know there's a new prologue, I'll update the info in the video 👍

Excellent demo, I hope to play the full game soon

I wish more people knew this  excellent game. Here's my gameplay in English:

My gameplay:

I love this demo, so many references to the classics, good puzzles, nice graphics, humor, fully voiced, etc.

Wow! Truly brilliant! Congrats!! I enjoyed a lot despite its dark air or maybe because of it xD Thanks for this game :)

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Bizarre and funny game xD 

So funny and witty, congrats!

Great team, Diddy&Mr. Pinkerton :)  I enjoyed it, congrats

I LOVE it, congrats!

Remarkable quality! Congrats

Long life to metal and to grandpa! :D 

Being a dad can be tough xD Nice game, congrats!

I  definitely had a good time playing this ;) Congrats

Congratulations!!!! So glad this game won, it was the best in my opinion too, although I loved a pair of the rest and enjoyed a few of the others. Good job!

Yes, unfortunately  I had to mute the music for copyright issue

Yes, demons can be good and adorable too like in this game ^ ^

One of my faves in this Jam edition. Super cool :)

I like it :)

I think awesome graphics aren't essential for a good game and yours is a nice example. I like the story and  the original mechanics ;)

Outstanding graphics and a capital main character :) Congrats!

I like the elegant clean style, congrats!

Cool! I like it :)

I loved it. Witty and fun

Me ha encantado. Breve pero buena historia.

Funny voices for a good short game. I tried to use all the dialogues and look at everything ;)

Cool demo! I'll have a look at your other games :)

Good game, but  (spoiler) I don't know if it's a bug: if you speak to the old man in the library before trying to use the PC you can never get his card

Muy buena la demo! :)

I think so ;)

I tried but this dragon seems invincible to me  -_-

Me ha encantado el sentido del humor y los gráficos. Es un pelín difícil pero lo recomiendo. Una pena que no sea más conocido.

I didn't fully understand the story but liked it anyway