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Tested on Amiga1200 with Pistorm Lite PI4 the game starts only in window and very slowly.

Congratulations anyway for the work done.

Real Amiga 1200 + VampireV2 system

DualShock2 joypad via Kipper 2k adapter

Skip key corresponds to X which also pauses not at one point, but continuously.

In addition to giving you my heartfelt compliments for the ALTERNATIVE phase which I find extraordinary, I would like to report a small bug. Starting from floppy the game does not recognize the CD32 Joypad well where the "skip" button pauses the game and therefore makes playback impossible. This doesn't happen if you play from Desktop.

Ok ho risolto, fatto partire su The C64, commettevo io un errore! Gioco molto suggestivo e pieno di riferimenti al mondo della passione videoludica 80/90. Complimenti anche se molto difficile e punitivo, cercherò di fare il più possibile senza accedere ai save state.


Sto cercando di giocarlo su The C64 maxi ma il caricamento non riesce.

Consigli oppure non è compatibile con questa macchina? 

Complimenti per quanto riesci ad esser prolifero nella produzione mantenendo pur sempre uno standard qualitativo consolidato. Mi hai fatto fare la nottata pur di registrare il video e di fatto col volume e voce bassa (ahahah). 


Excellent platform game, pleasant and fun to play, challenging enough at the end but never to become impossible or frustrating. The password system is great and we are often given extra lives in the game. The whole product reminds me of the style of the NIGHT OWL DESIGN (SOLID GOLD) games, even the sound of Simone Bernacchia can be listened to with great pleasure with some really well-centered melody such as that of the underground. the only flaw found lies in the fact that our character, if he fails to jump from the extreme tip of a platform, will tend to collide with the one just above us, thus inevitably causing falls into the void or into the spikes. For the rest certainly one of the best releases of 2022, it's a pity not to have a dedicated cover art. PS: I finished the whole game convinced that I was driving a mouse and not a monkey.

Un piccolo contributo alla causa...

Che bella sorpresa! Titolo tanto semplice nel concetto quanto elegante e  galvanizzante nel gameplay. Gioca un ruolo fondamentale anche l'atmosfera che viene creata tramite il ronzio di fondo della nave e stupendi quanto pulitissimi sfx. Complimenti davvero a LUCA!

Hi, I purchased the game which I found very fun and addicting. For now, I always manage to get to the final boss without managing to give him a single shot. The question I wanted to ask, however, is the question of the two versions available for Download? What are the differences between the two? Thanks a lot and keep it up!

I spent an entire afternoon playing BAGMAN to go through all eight stages, discovering in spite of myself that after the eighth level, the game continues indefinitely? At the thirteenth screen, now exhausted, the reset was triggered. Although I have always hated games without a real ending since I was a child, I really enjoyed this BAGMAN, which I find divine programmed, clean, challenging but not impossible. Playing I experienced the distinct sensation of being in the arcade in the 80s, a sensation that few games are able to convey as BAGMAN does.

I loved this game so much that a video was born on its own ...

This game should be evaluated in two ways, namely whether or not it is being played on real hardware or emulation. In the case of real hardware, once you have viewed the beautiful graphics, you could also switch to the reset since, absurd gameplay laws, they quickly make it clear that it is impossible to tackle 36 levels all in a row and with only 3 lives available. There is no human mind that can handle this level of frustration, where the game punishes with every sigh. In the second case, where the game should be tested in emulation, the save states occur and then a glimmer of fun comes to the surface because you can calmly face all the pictures as you try again until success. So, how to evaluate this game in front of a C64 that lives commercially in the guise of a THEC64 that, in fact, owns the instant save state? Personally I tested it both ways, trashed on real hardware and finished with pleasure on The C64 with the clear feeling, now more than ever, that this title was designed to be used primarily in emulation. Arduous sentence ...

There are no words to describe this work for our beloved 8bit, a game that touches perfection ... Exceptional level design, action-shooter-platform all surrounded by a pleasant plot, graphics and first-rate sound, a title that owns practically everything. I try, but I don't find negative sides in this video game, maybe a little wasteful in the last stages, but nothing really complicated. Thanks for making it and remember "shoot or die!"

Adorable action adventure that starts quietly due to a very "retro" graphics compared to all the rest of today's production dedicated to the C64, but that knows how to capture through a refined playability that, for the rest, has few rivals. Platformer, underwater levels, backtracking, all mixed with a twist of Turrican and a twist of Castlevania. I recommend everyone to play this title without being discouraged, as mentioned, by the graphics that are a bit rough in appearance. COMPLIMENTS!

I just finished this interesting platform game in a thirty minute ride on a real car. I emphasize that there is going blind on Commodore 1084s due to the graphic definition, where many times it is really difficult to see the traps in advance. On modern devices, of course, everything will be more squared but clear. I don't understand why our in-game character doesn't match the one shown on the cover, where she has neither a hood nor she is blonde. Beyond all of this, I highly recommend buying this game, especially due to the very low price it sells. Especially recommended for those who love challenges with tense nerves and quick reflexes!

A very nice and classic title, it made me spend a pleasant afternoon in front of my 1200. Finished in a long session of 30 continuous stages at an easy level. Tested on Amiga1200 + VampireV2 from floppy without any problem! Congratulations, definitely the best AMITEN SOFTWARE title so far.

Downloaded and installed from ADF version 1.1 now works wonderfully from Hard Disk, even better than the floppy counterpart that occasionally glitched.

The game is installed on WB 3.9 Amiga1200 + VampireV2!

Downloaded and installed from ADF version 1.1 now works wonderfully from Hard Disk, even better than the floppy counterpart that occasionally glitched.

The game is installed on WB 3.9 Amiga1200 + VampireV2!

I have an Amiga1200 with Vampire1200, 128mb ram. The game as said from floppy starts and works normally, from Workbench no, not even by deactivating the card.

First of all, congratulations on the game, I find it really well done, full of that somewhat experimental AMIGA magic. How did you manage to come out so quietly without announcements and news? I point out below the problems I encountered: The game installed on HD does not start, I use a 3.9. Same result if I tried to start directly from the ADF file, I click on the icon and everything crashes. So I decided to put everything (5 files ADF) on real floppy disks and boot, in this way the game starts and works.

Although I am among those who would like PH finished earlier, I enjoyed it with this one. I completed the first mission, after walking on the ring of fire the inscription INSERT DISK2 appeared


A couple of tips if you accept them:

1) The crossbow is too big and long, it should be visually shortened

2) The sfx are very low, they should be turned up in volume.

3) There are pop-up problems (trees and more appearing out of nowhere).

I have personally tested the game on A1200 + Vampire1200, everything works transparently!

But now I want to continue !!!!

Sarah Jane Avory takes her previous NEUTRON and stuffs it with all possible tricks with the commodore64. Multilayer parallax on graphically differentiated levels, more musical modules, more playability. Zeta Wing is also more difficult to deal with proportionally to a shorter duration, seven levels in total unlike the nine present in NEUTRON. An instant classic piece of software that highlights the abilities of this programmer who, a few months later, would be further surpassed ...

Molto bello e pieno d'azione, peccato duri veramente poco. Undici minuti per finirlo in modalità NORMAL, senza considerare che il gioco ti sproni a "correre" affrontando tutto in velocità, questo significa non assaporare in pieno il gioco e le sue potenzialità. Spero in un secondo capitolo più pacato e longevo, il programmatore ha stoffa per farlo.