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I agree with what the person above said 😅😅

I second that 

cool thanks for the reply 

Will it be available  for  android as well ? Its so pretty

Will you release this game for andoroid ? Sorry if i asked a stupid question

Is there a way to change the language ?



yes it does help

If i donated on paypal does that mean i still have to buy  the game ?

I am wondering the exact same thing 

Will it  be available for android ?  I cant wait for it to come out 😁😁😁😅😅😅

😁😁😁😁 yesss cant wait

Its a great game i love it 

ok thanks for the reply 

Ok thanks anyway for the reply 

Any plans for an android release just curious ? It seems so interesting ?



Thanks for replying

ah i see


Do you plan on releasing it on android ?

Are you gonna release it for android ?

I cant wait for it

Oof sorry if i annoyed you

Thats not what i said 😅😅😅 but i do love it try making it on google  playstore 🤭 if its not a problem 

Is it possible to make it for android ?

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Can you release it on playstore if its not a problem