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Thank you for releasing another  game! I can't wait to play it. <3 ^_^

Ah I see, thanks for the help! It can be first heard on May 18th of the game--the scene with Selene and her father. ^^

I played this game on steam ^q^ I am a big fan of the art and I've grown attached to the characters. I'd hate to ask you, despite you having already addressed the credits of the music you've used but do you know what the songs are called? I can't get the orchestra-esque song out of my head. It's probably the most heartwarming song I've ever heard. You have great taste in music and in setting the mood of the VN.

I haven't played the game yet but I had to make an account and comment on how eye-catching your game is. Not only am I sold on the time period but the diversity in the characters, but how the main character is Chinese... with freckles!? ACK! Never have I found a character I could connect with on a physical level. Not a lot of VN or games have a badass lookin' character as her. Can't wait to play it!