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A member registered Feb 13, 2022

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Very fun game! I made it to Level 17 with very little difficulty. 

I would suggest spawning the gems within hidden tiles to increase difficulty. Some levels, I was given 80% of the gems needed to proceed to the next level without even touching a tile. 

The only other suggestion I would make is to include a flagging feature within the game. It can be more difficult having to remember which tiles are bombs.

I loved the safeguards in place so that I could not accidentally hit a tile I did not intent to hit, very good idea needing to hit the tile 3 times to break. The music was perfect for the introspective headspace that a minesweeper roguelike requires. Bravo! 

Fantastic game! I just beat the game within the first 5 hours of purchase. It had me hooked since the moment I booted up the program. My game did crash one time during my playthrough but I was very glad all my progress was saved. I am finding it difficult to get 10 ideas on the board all at once, since they stopped dropping from the packs. I consider that last achievement to be impossible at the moment. Hopefully I can complete that last checkbox in the next run.

To the devs, thank you very much for the beautiful game! I look forward to your release next month!