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Andy Murillo

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Please report back if you do! :)

Great idea and well laid-out! I'm gonna try these for my solo sessions, they should be great for saving space.

I printed one for my elf that's double sided—we'll see if unfolding it every time I need a spell gets annoying lol.

Correct, each day has the same structure.

I am obsessed with the pip method of generating layouts that you used. Great tables too!

Lovely work!

Are these all real pole-arm designs? I missed the names for them.

Great design and function!

It would be helpful to also include a screen version :)

Correct, it's for the crawl itself, which produces a map as you go.

Hi Yochai, just wondering if there is an (un)official hashtag for tweeting/mastodoning about this jam!


Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad to hear that it's getting use out there.

Got it! I haven't played Mothership yet

I'm having trouble figuring out how to rate games, but this is really great! Five stars.

This was not all done in October right??

What game do the stats C, I, Hits, and AP come from?

So much cool stuff in one little zine!

Thank you :)