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Played your game. It was a nice attempt.
I feel all the parts are there, but the game lacks a cohesiveness overall, as it is not explained why are we doing the activities in the game.
Jump scares can also be improved .
I was very confused at times in the game as to how to proceed and increasing the brightness of both the game and the flashlight will immediately make it more comprehendible.
Like you have the clues to direct the player, it can be used more.
Also I did not find the logic to solve the doors puzzle, is it trial and error? I was stuck for half and hour and it got really frustrating.
I do think in the final game improving upon these little details will significantly make it much more enjoyable.
Best of luck!

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I appreciate the quality of game you made. I was a bit confused on what to do, as i don't usually pause games in between, so it was after a lot of messing around i got to know the objective. Also it was so dark that i almost missed the staircase door.
The transitions to jump scares i hope would be improved in the final version. 
The intro with the teddy was really good.
Rest, it is really well made. Hope the outcome is great!

The game definitely has a lot of potential. Just one thing, if we touch anything while walking, the screen starts to shake and it takes away a little from the awesome experience of the game. Hope you do something about that.
Hope you complete this game.

Really awesome environment! I found the pace walking was a bit too slow, and the lag in the mouse movements if removed, it would be great.
Overall the game has a really good appeal to it, can't wait for the full game!

Loved the game. I wish you could continue on this. Just one thing though, had to go super close to the bullets in order to pick them.

None the less, it was awesome and would love to see more from you guys in future.

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I liked the graphics of the game, and the balance between dark and lit areas because it is annoying when games become too dark to even see what's going on.
Some things i want to point out 
1. When zombie attacked me and i lost some health, the dark atmosphere, plus the screen with blood splatter made it difficult to see anything around. Also bullets and machete didn't work.

2. Its a lot of find this key and open the door to move on and do the same thing again, i hope you add interactable things other than that to make it more interesting.
Besides that, as an architecture student, i found some details in the game pretty interesting, for eg, the narrow staircases which did create an uncomfortable environment.
Gladly waiting for the full game! All the best.   

This game definitely has potential, love the intro part specially.
In the earlier parts sound design can be improved, and in the end when laura is approaching us, that can also be improved. Overall it was a good attempt.

The game was great! The jump scares were really good , if in the end there was some twist, it would have been really awesome. You should consider this to make a full version. 

Also, the sensitivity controls are a little wonky. But none the less, loved the game!

Hey, played your demo.
Awesome atmosphere, must say!
Too many things are interactable and the throwable with force, which distracted me a little, none the less, hope you guys are able to complete the game.

The game is a little dark, and sometimes glitched in not opening doors, only to go back to the main menu to do it.
I hope this would be improved in the full game, and it would bring out the story more!
All the best

Silence Channel community · Created a new topic Awesome!

Can't wait for the full version!
just a question, what was the technique to crack the passcode?

I like the concept, but it lacked atmosphere. Improvement in sound design will really elevate this game. Also the driving part is a little wonky.

Overall good efforts, must say!

Hey, the graphics were great, did not understand the story, it could have been expanded and explained more, with an objective.

it did, it was just in one area, where a ladder has to be climbed, a little glitch.

Liked the game.
I wasn't able to run from the red storm, jump and run functions weren't working

Nascent Prophecy community · Created a new topic Awesome!

 In some places, the climbing action is jittery and pushing cart action pushed me away from the area, but apart from that love the game, can't wait for the full version!

Really awesome, make longer games!!!!

can't download the game, it fails.

The Last Light community · Created a new topic Loved it !

Excited to see more projects from you in future!

Loved the game! I think the ending was a little abrupt, we just escaped, otherwise I enjoyed it a lot.

The concept was great! The game is a little buggy, I fell through the room to the ground on the first go XD, and a little work on sound design will really improve it .
All the best for future projects!

I really like the texts. I wished if there were more spooks

the link isn't working

Really loved the art style and the concept. I just wished the dialogues were narrated which would have enhanced the experience of the game.  Overall nice game i would say!

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Loved the game. Not a really big fan of the pixelated style, but the music, background and atmosphere were sick! I hope you make longer games in future

loved it! can't wait for the whole game!

it was soo goood! can't wait for more

the game is really cool, but the pc version sometimes glitches in between the shadow form and the normal form of the protagonist.

Loved the game! Would have preferred if the story about the dream was told , even a little bit . Any way , really appreciate the  ambiance. 

The game is crashing on pc. any suggestions on how to make it work?

Hi, in 48 hrs , you've done a great job!

Really liked it ! The way story unfolded was great .
Just wanna know are there more than 3 endings?

is there only one ending ?