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I second that request, thanks.

Thank you kindly. You are an absolute star.

I love the floortile mapping paper. Where did you source it from? I can't see it in any of the download files (or do I need a smack on the head?)

It would be great if you could carry on with these cards to completion.

Hello, is there any possibility of being able to have a community copy of Post Office? Thanks.

Wonderful. You are an absolute star. Many thanks.

Hallo, many thanks for Endless Flesh. Would it possible to have the game on 2 single pages? Thanks.

Hi, would you consider writing a solo module/adventure for FIST?

Is there any possibility that both Basilisk and Tunnels of Nechrubel could be released as single sheets for easy printing (as opposed to spreads)? Many thanks for all the games that you have provided us with and also for the incredible Sölitary Defilement KS. I do hope that you will work on more solo resources for MB.

Many thanks I managed to get a code.

I hope you can still add a Community Copy for me. Thanks.

A print version would be much appreciated.

Is it possible to get a Community Copy of The Birth of Inauro? Thank you.

Hello, is it possible for me to have a Community Copy of the game?


Is it possible to purchase both the pdf and printed versions of Kennels of Karnage?

Is there any possibility that Community copies of Tinkerers Troubles will be made available? Thanks.

Hello, are you able to offer a Community Copy of the game? I would be grateful. Thanks.

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Will you be offering Community copies of the maps? Thanks.

Hello, would it be possible to let me have a Community copy of the game. I would be really appreciative.

£4 just been sent via paypal :)

I'm in the UK also and would purchase a risograph copy from you.