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bro I feel you my guy, this dude eed to fix the loading also before you say "its not done yet" of course its not done I know that but the game should at least be able too load XD.

I just wanna know because this is a game I wanna replay and I don't have money, obviously because I am still a kid in school.

yoooo how does the download get fixed cause it don't work

yo don't trust the link my guy.

bruh I have never I mean have heard of it but never really got the chance to go on it.

nah I don't go on there.

my dude if you have a problem don't respond


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uh I need another way to play this cause download broke.

really isin't my guy as I said games with more shit init run better than this

bro I am not even a kid lol

then don't respond -

hey buddy I use linux  I also know its in developement that why I say they need to fix it.

hmm if you have a problem with it then  don't reply, like it's an obvious solution to your problem

they need to make it optimized for all technology

man they need to fix this.

bro its not I run games with way better graphics than this game and this is the only one that is shit at loading.

ok a number of problems for one the game is hella laggy and I have a great computer, two my chromebook can't damn load this like it takes so much reloads and waiting to open the game make it optimized for all laptops and computers. and my last thing I can't open songs or download this on my chromebook because it is just even more lag on the downloaded version. Fix this please my guy because like come on I can't run this.

yo ninja can you fix your loading cause like it never loads anymore.

I got the same problem and when it loads its laggy asf.

The game used to load now its gone to shit like come on devs, please fix this, plus on chromebook.

yo like is there a way to see a picture wuthout having to do the puzzles like it takes too much of my time.

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yo the stuff keeps crashing on second level like all I see is this screen and no moviing and it always lags.

when the next update

I shall be the first.

how do I get scylezs scene  because I always think I pass it, do I need to downlod it or is it in the web version

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yo is the game done, is there a scylez scene yet,, like I had it on NSFW mode

how do I open this-

where is bell the second time she goes missing?

this games impossible the first jumps too hard please fix it.

this shit is impossible, I wanna know what happens in the end.

I got it from the bunker,no flute

hey How do you remove the living clothes from that meat woman because they are stuck on me