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uh how do you get into the game?

ok so the game works fine for me just a bit lag but when you enter the stage you can play for a while then the game jus crashes.

it works!

ayo is there a zach route?

no no its cool just wondered why my save was gone, but nice game thinking about making a similar type of game in the future tbh.

its a new game- I had a big save tho

where can you find rat cum

hmm thanks buut niothins loading mate

dam thats blocked mate

ayoo run me some web bypassers so I can bypass this block broskis

there a web version of this?

bro why this look like a kid drew it-

bro how this fight system work cause I go a few turns I am at 12 health then jumps to zero like man come ooon, He did not attack t just went to zero, is that a bug or is my character just getting bodied for cause he weak.

yo y'all got anything more I could use just been lookin just incase one gets blocked randomly

what is this song that I am hearing?

Yo y'all talkin about bug thief lets notsleep on this menu song! This shit fire!

Before the game opened now it just flat out closes after a grey screen. I don't mean sound mad or anything just pointing out the issue so respond if you can on how to fix this?

yo thanks man  can finnaly play sonic advance 2 again.

bro I am tryna play some games not watch porn XD

Yo I need a proxy so I can unblock this stupid school computer.

thanks for responding to me< ok I will try that.

mac version planned?

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic uh real quick

Sooo I am using my chromebook ya know and ite been laggin a bit, like at certain times it gets spasic, there anyway to fix this or am I stuck playing on lag.

This shit hit different!

So I playied the new build and was met with a problem, it constantly closes and is unplayable like I cant even play the damn game, sorry if I sound demanding but the last build worked better than this, so please if you can I would like to be able to at least load the game without it closing on me from the lag, it truly is  a good game and I would like to play some time.


true true if they can't update they could give some teaser pic or something on every friday.

how I get this new spell?

now 85%! come on whyy!

come on I was almost there!

can the oler enimes be free?

yo like my school got new Chromebooks and it still don't work

bro if you suck at that then just stop playing lol, its so easy man its not even that hard

Why does life just fuck  me over every single time, I was so close come on man!