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wasn't there an age minimum for joining itch as well?

making a quest port isn't as easy as just pressing a button, they can't "just make it an APK", they would need to basically redo a lot of the system

He wont just port every game he ever makes to mobile. ports take time and at the same time people are constantly bugging him about the completion of karlson

this game is good but I think it would have been better if rewinding was a keybind instead of a time limit

Wdym most games that run directly on the quest are made in unity, that's like the main game engine on the quest

I don't think you understand that it isn't easy to port things to quest, they are entirely different things

As long as you have an ok computer just find any usbc cable, install the Oculus software on your PC, and connect your PC to your quest with the cable

You can only play official ps store games on psvr unless you use a bunch of adapters and hacks to get psvr connected to pc

Dani litterally owns a quest if he wanted to make it on sidequest he would have done it from the beggining, and it isn't as simple as just pressing a button to make it an apk, it's a process

great game but I would prefer grid based movement as there have been times where I accidentally half stepped too far and basically had to reset the whole level

A fun and creative game but it looks terrible. I would love a post-jam release with this same concept except probably ditch the pixelart. I think that a clean vector art style would probably be better fitting for this game.

Most games that aren't really popular get that

Honestly it would work pretty well. Just tap to jump

porting to quest isn't effortless. NimSony would need to take time optimising it and recompiling  it

I'm very confused

I have just played some more and looked at your gameplay videos. you look like you are in the ground too, I think I am just shorter than you, that might be the issue, may I suggest a setting that offsets you from the ground?

My quest is not damaged since the floor is normal in all other games and is fine the second I back out. Ill try this fix and it also appears that you recently updated the game so Ill see if that fixes it

Oh. Im sorry, Ill just delete my review until the problem is fixed and then review the actual gameplay.

the ground goes up to my waist please help its barely playable like this. I have recallibrated my floor and everything

why did this scare me

yeah right now it just reuses old ones

i got in a glitch where the spikes are perfectly timed so that they kill me the millisecond the respawn animation finishes

If possible at all could this get a mobile port

thats not how buying things works

pirated version doesn't reward the developers for their hard work. Guest1 is thief


i cant jump over ledge

controllers dont work in wmr. please consider the growing userbase of wmr. It is almost 12% of steamvr users now. thank you

good soundtrack and good game

try using the launcher, it allows you to download itch games in a way like steam. it auto sets up the games and works well for me

I thought there was no theme

I have WMR which is like if the vive wands and touch controllers did an off brand fusion dance. their ok but i have tried oculus and agree with you that touch controllers are the best on the market

it is really useful when you have fast computer because by spamming in the direction you want to go it almost autopilots to where you want

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