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i cant jump over ledge

controllers dont work in wmr. please consider the growing userbase of wmr. It is almost 12% of steamvr users now. thank you

good soundtrack and good game

try using the launcher, it allows you to download itch games in a way like steam. it auto sets up the games and works well for me

I thought there was no theme

I have WMR which is like if the vive wands and touch controllers did an off brand fusion dance. their ok but i have tried oculus and agree with you that touch controllers are the best on the market

it is really useful when you have fast computer because by spamming in the direction you want to go it almost autopilots to where you want

oH no i CAn'T Play It on a phoNe EVEn tHOUgh 90 pERCeNT oF stUFf on ItCH IS FOR Pc. wOrST gaME eVER becAUsE Im AN IdiOt WHo dOeSNt UnDErStAND hOW pOrtIng worKs