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i just installed the game and was very excited to play it to find that it crashes a few minutes after i open the game, every time i launch, tried restarting computer and such but to no avail, no crash log or anything just closes. doesn't matter what screen i'm on. hope someone has some ideas!

Oh My! What a cozy little treat this was! i just want to give this swell little game a big hug, absolutely adorably charming and definitely one of the most enjoyable games i've played recently!

this is infinitely better than trailers and no information for 6 months! thank you!

okay, i misread that interaction, i was tired while playing and writing this (still am, i need to sleep) but that makes sense, i just want to add on a thank you for replying and for making this great series, and i hope there are more in the future!

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I absolutely loved this series! The hand animation and just charm in Parsnip is unmatched and i loved that as well as the dark undertones and branching endings.

The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith, while losing the oustanding art, made up for it with a killer story and characters as well as really characterizing themes, parsnips being especially remarkable, with the random trumpets showing his unpredictablility and personality.  

three lesbians in a barrow, while shorter, had more character development than the previous titles, a notable instance being Nikita's ear being damaged in a fight, which i thought as a character design quirk in The Testimony, and i liked the interaction mechanics,  stop here if you don't want to read a rant about representation and natural feeling chacterization. Just know i loved this game series and i hope to be able to play more of them in the future, Love pretty much everything about it and could do a whole nother paragraph on the wordbuilding!

As a preface, i have nothing against trans people and i think that gender dysmorphia is a very real, treatable condition that effects thousands of people.      

While trixie being trans is something i liked, with it being foreshadowed throughout the first half of Testimony, through things like the ear patch and her line about "growing boobs", Tabitha being trans actually slightly soured her character for me, there was no lead up or plot impact to her being trans, with the problems Trixie shows from her transition not afflicting Tabitha and (even taking into consideration "the queerest town in the country") it felt to somewhat overrepresent the population of trans people, the chances of two people in a small town being trans, semi friends, and not knowing it ("are those oestrogen patches on your ear?") is so low that it doesn't make much narrative sense. If i missed something in my playthrough that changes this please point it out! it just seems a bit contrived to me.

shit that was long. 

play parsnip, then testimony of trixie glimmer smith, then your questions will be answered, combined its about 4 hours of game. very worth it

geez, this game is great, i mean for what it is, went walking for 20 minutes looking for the possum queen after i got her fruit but it is quite a bizare and enjoyable experiance all in all. god job on this and i will have to check it out again after that big update!