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So far I have to choose Aalam as my favorite character. I think him and our MC would make a true power couple and he is a very straight-forward person which is something I appreciate in people :) He treats the MC as his equal!
Though to be fair, I enjoy all characters and will definitely play through each route <3

I am sooo invested in this game, the art is so beautiful and the story made me so interested in learning what will happen in the future. Good luck with the development, can't wait!

Oh my god, I came back here after year(s?) and I am so pleasently surprised to see how the game looks now! It's STUNNING, so happy to see it moved into such amazing direction and you are finishing it! It's a rare thing to see! Can't wait to play the full game, good luck with everything <3

i really really liked the demo, the art is just beautiful, and i love how different the story is. i was expecting our MC to suddenly cast a perfect spell as it would've happen in many many other stories like that, but i was very pleasantly surprised that it the opposite happened! 

also, the game mechanics with choosing different roommates and tutors seems to be very fun and a great way to make replaying interesting! though hyde definitely is at my number one spot at the moment haha

can't wait for the finished game, good luck guys!

omg i checked your tumblr to see if it's ready and i'm so so excited! expect a long review after i'm finished haha! congratulations, i'm so happy you finished it. it's amazing that you're giving it us for free after all your hard work

That was so cute and amazing, I really loved playing the game! I really like the system of changing the relationship with Cove and creation of the MC! I'm excited for the launch of your kickstarter, I'll make sure to pledge if I can ;) Good luck with development!

congratulations!! i'm so glad you didn't give up on the game! heading to steam to buy it now, i know it will be amazing

Just wanted to say I'm here and waiting for the game for a couple of months and I wanted to say: don't give up on it! It's so good and unique, it really made me interested. Good luck with everything!

I really liked it! It was very cute and fun, and the campaign seems interesting too! 

ohh im excited! good luck, it already looks so incredible!

I really liked the plot and all of the characters are so interesting! I'm very curious what kind of secrets the city hides ;) Good luck on the next chapters!

I just finished Rafael's route and ughh I love this game so much! I played through Paris' route too, and loved it also!

I just want to say, that I loved every second of this VN. I knew it was going to be amazing when I saw the character's creation screen, the races are such a good idea and they're so different and interesting. I can't choose my favourite one, because I felt like all of them were very well done (I've played all three, but didn't finish a route with a Cubi yet). I really liked how Ash looked, too, they are very cute, and I really liked that you included pronouns and both genders, as well as different eye and hair colors. Oh, and the outfits were so pretty. 

I really appreciate the fact that the changes in dialouge, depending on a race, are huge. The story and the world created felt so much more immersive. It also made me want to replay the game immediately, and that rarely happens to me! I liked the way the good choices were shown after making a choice, because that made the whole VN fun to play, I didn't have to be stressed out over not ending up with the ending I wanted.

Also, you have a really great writing style! I was laughing and smiling almost all the time, and I wasn't expecting that haha. The humor is just amazing, and the dialouge seems so natural and unforced. Honestly, this is one of the best writing I've seen in a visual novel, and I play a lot of them lol. And the plot twist with Rafael was really unexpected to me, I just sat there with my mouth open, you really got me good. 

The fact that the whole game was free is just... wow. 

hi! do you know when are you going to release the full game? :D

I'm a Gemini Rising and you guessed that I'm a Gemini so good job! It was pretty fun ;d

I just finished the demo and I really liked it! I loved the characters and MC! I can't wait to play the full version! Do you have an estimated release date yet?

I just finished the game and I just have to say it was the best visual novel I've ever played! It was so clever, funny and kept me in suspence all the way through! I loved how you had to find your way out of the game, the game crashing and changing all the time, Simon helping us out.... aghhh it's such a great idea, I will come back to this game for sure in the future! Also, when I get my credit card I'm definietely going to support you financialy, you deserve it!