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different types of fish, not cooked or on a dish :P
maybe its an idea for a new pack?

Hey Pixeltier do you plan on releasing fish icons?

can you open your twitter DMs if you are open for commissions?

Where is your packs?

Pixel Blade Pack 1: Swords and Daggers

Pixel Axe & Hammer Pack 1

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Hey Dreamy, you have a snake character on unity website but not on can you add it here? Edit: Actually you also have more assets on unity store but not here can you please add them on so we have them in our collection

Entire pack is 16x16?

You might want to take a look at this:

Can we get a discount for this too :D

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I'm curious is it safe to use Eye of Cthulhu in a commerical game considering its in Terraria?

Hey dreamy how come the attack only has the special attack animation on facing down only

Dreamy! thank you for listening and releasing the monsters! I instantly bought the bundle thank you again! hoping for more from you! its so so cute

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Do you have plans to make tiles bigger than 16x16? Would definitely pay for them since I can also use it for top down game

Thank you! hope things are going good with your game

sizes please?

what are the sizes?

Hello what is the license for this?

Bless us with new monster please

Is there an Up down animations?

Hello, usually animations have their own animated folder and not included in the full spritesheet

Hello, I am so happy for your nature and village all spritesheet, can you do the same for this pack too please? thank you very much

Its okay I will just open every single individual spritesheet and paste them inside a large one and use it. This is how I usually see artists sell their assets: Sorted and one full spritesheet that contains everything. Thank you for the art!

All the textures in this pack as a single spritesheet

Hello, is it possible to have all the textures in one complete spritesheet?

Hello, is it possible to have all the textures in one complete spritesheet?

Could we get a portal animation between the pillars :P

Hey there, could you please add the rock variantions you have inside the farm asset pack?

Can it be scaled down to 16x16?

Do you have the backgrounds without sprites please?

Hello, is credit required?

Are you planning on releasing more monster sprites?

Hello, interested in your sound pack!

Do I need to credit you if I'm making a video game and going to use the sound pack?