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Amoo moo

A member registered Nov 10, 2018

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it's perfect, thank you for making this

this game is absolutely amazing! thank you for making it :)

this is why we can't have nice things

This game was so wholesome and pleasant!!! Thank you for making this, Nami. The ending really cheered me up, which has become more and more unusual lately. So thank you. :)

Ahhhhh, I wanna play it so badly. I will, sometime soon.

This game was such a short but sweet experience :)

This is such a beautifully constructed short game! A true homage to the Megaman series. 

Aww, fur ball mode is adorable!

Found it! It was the one in the green place (area with item 1) where you have to crouch in the 4-yeallow-block room. This game is really really fun. :)

Alright, I beat it now. It was so so so fun. Now to search for the last drop(?)...

Really fun, but I have to restart as I respawned stuck to the ground :(

Now this. This is something. I hope you update the goose overtime to make them even more annoying (somehow). But I absolutely love it as is!

Oh, this is kind of cute! I really like the idea.

Yeah, it’s all from SoundCloud. You can look up the song names and artists in the credits.

For when Zelda is not trippy enough.