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Thank you for your fast response! As an indie studio, we are very grateful for your tilesets and after hearing of this update to the most used tileset, we're considering restarting our biggest project from scratch. Should we ask for the download key of every other tileset we've purchased so that another issue like this doesn't arise again?

What should I do if I purchased the original on your website and can't claim V2? Will I have to repurchase it to get V2...?

Nice stuff! Do you guys have a lab tileset? I’d buy it! 

So, first off, does this work with custom tiles? And secondly, will I have to make a new project with the same events and maps (etc.) to get it loading?

Is the same ability use-able in the free version? I’d love to support the creator, but I’m VERY slim on money right now...

Hi! I’m just curious, can you use this to make menus that aren’t in the original game? Like a Quest menu, or a Location menu?

It's alright now. I modified the tiles to fit the modern grass. 

RTP? Is there a way I can get the water tiles?

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Where'd you get the water tiles? They don't seem to be included with the pack...