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Great  VN... The Tale about musician and adventure.

Can't wait for More ^^

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I like this Game... Although in Processing Room i was listening the music like 10 loop, and not play the game (Well i can't escape the cool music TT) ^L^". Bro, can i get the music tho? Please ^^

The music so dope... i love it ^^

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Not Really... he still make it, but sadly... There was a problem (sry i can't tell)

I'm Already Chat Him, soo... yeah, be patient ... and stay tunes ^^, (Oh yeah, he improving the game, but sry no spoiler XP)

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Wow... i like the Drawing... and the story... but you might mis pronounce the story there,,,, but Another than that, i Love it ^^... i need more Tho X_X

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for now i more happy than terrified... nah... 50:50 i guessing next story, maybe we run away or maybe we gonna die. idk, but i got question on my mid... how the maid know the king want to meet us? did the murder was the maid? How Lyall going to save us? idk that only my speculation only.

wow... That's really great, i'm happy to read this update, this update make my mood change Happy => Terrivied at the same time, and i can't wait for the next update.

Damn... i Love it, i can't wait for chapter 5... at first i like little zearu he so cute, but when i saw him now (in chapter 4) Damn... and kinda funny with "Why u so cute" route, i laugh hard to pick that choice. ^^

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Aww yeaah... Finally Update, i'm so excited ^-

Finally the update...My long wait finally paid off. I'm so excited ^^

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Damn... i love it not gonna lie this VN was so good. the character, the sory, the problems, all of it. and Cooper was my Favorite rn... i read it 45 minute after downloaded it and i can say it's  really worth it, i hope the update is as soon as possible.

Go to the temple in the mountain and drink the water... the water can decrease COR (100 point only once)

Wow this was a great game, in the end of the CG make me curious... "what will happen next?"

Thanks... i got the CG now because your help... thanks '-'... spencer route my favorite now... i hope the wedding going to be spectacular, i can't wait until that momment.

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I play spencer Rout, and im so happy to them... then i notice, there was CG spencer proposal can anyone help me how to get that moment please. i replay the game like 4 time and im still dont get it. T-T