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So I found two issues that I would think are most likely not intentional:

Last night I was playing a character, died, and closed the game instantly. I came back today, and the file was still there and playable. I figured maybe it had something to do with closing the game. So, I just died again on this file, closed the  game right away, and when I reloaded it, the character is still playable.

I continued to test it, and right if you die, you can simply close the game, reopen it, and your character will be there as if you just entered the room. It worked when I created a new file type as well. As long as you don't click on "try again" and you just close the game, your file doesn't die!

Another thing that happened was somehow (as when you're dying you generally freak out and move sporadically, so I don't know exactly what happened) one of the times I was about to die I died right on top of a door and then went through it.  Then I was alive on the other side. I have not tested it out again yet, but it seems that it could have been caused by a few different things that I will test tomorrow: It could have been that the door was still usable after I had died right on top of it, or it could have been that at some point before dying I tried to use the door, died, and somehow still went through. So anyways, I died on top of a door, somehow went through that door, and then I was alive again. When I'm done work tomorrow I can give it a go and test it out again.

Thanks for the reply!

Just to respond to a few things:

Most of my rar files were in my desktop and download folders and there were none. I can check again here, but I eventually collected hundreds of keys and never came across a single chest. I'm not sure if this is just a bug or something. But I will double check when I get the chance.

About the key, I feel like if there was a better way to find the totems, then maybe you could place the key in a completely random folder, and after finally knocking out the 4th totem, you can have something in-game give you the location of the key. Or at least maybe if you kill each boss, you get a segment of the file path to look for, and once you beat all 4, you can go to that location. Which means you could still randomly stumble upon it. I just figured going to my adventurOS folder was something I had to try, and personally would have liked to have gone through and fought all the bosses first prior to obtaining that key (which as I see others say it was purchasable, I don't think that should be a thing either). I just think something other than the boss key in that folder would be interesting, and that something that literally unlocks progression shouldn't be rushed. Games that give pathways to the end goal right away generally leave it up to the player to find a reason to play and I think a lot of people want to be given something they can work with and play within the boundaries of. Personally, if I knew there was an option to go fight the end boss without doing anything else, if I decide "lets go fight the other bosses instead" its just basically being a tourist. There's no real point in going to the other bosses if killing them doesn't offer actual progression. I don't know if this makes sense, it's somewhat hard to describe.

Also thanks again for your guys' excellent work. I know you guys consider and respond to the feedback here and that is really awesome and I have really high hopes for you guys and this game.

I want to add some feedback in regards to some of these points brought up.

1) Do you think it is fair to have totems behind cursed doors? that basically forces people to have to get to that talent to progress, which in the game's current state I guess isn't exactly difficult. But as I feel the entire talent system needs re-working I don't feel bosses should be limited by a talent selection. Cursed doors should offer something other than progression.

2) As Bastille mentioned, if you close the unintended gaps, make sure that enemies can't spawn outside of the map. In some of the bookcase/library style rooms, I got upset during my initial playthrough because I couldn't kill an enemy on top of the level unless I switched to a book for magic and sat there for 5 minutes hitting it and waiting for my mana to regen (as I was a melee character). So even in rooms where there are NO gaps enemies still spawn outside of the map limits.

3) In a LOT of other games, if you raise your stat via an item and then you equip another item that brings you over the stat requirement (like in Diablo 3) you can still wield the item and I think this shouldn't be fixed. Think of it this way: if I was wearing a hat, for example, that gave me 10 strength, when I equip an item that gives me strength, my stats increase. When I remove my hat the weapon is still giving me power since I haven't unequipped it. I don't really think it's even an issue.

4) I don't exactly like the current rift-style setup as it could spawn enemies for hours. Even if you do intent to make levels generate to be larger and accommodate files, could you imagine going into system32 and exploring that level to find 12,000 files? Imagine if you have 10 left. Are you going to search for them all? How big is this level going to be exactly? Maybe this is extreme, but enemies need to get condensed somehow if there are a lot of the same file. It doesn't make sense to make someone kill 12,000 enemies. It's pure monotony.

Also, I went and played my high level character, and after the update, I pretty much got insta-gibbed by those reappearing dudes. I barely stood a chance. I'll probably give it another play through to see how the progression is now, but the sudden change just hit my character like a truck.

I have been patiently waiting for this game for years and years and was so glad when I finally had a chance to play it. And after putting some 10 odd hours into it, I have some feedback that I hope you guys consider. I really do enjoy it and see that it has so much potential and I really do appreciate all of the hard work you guys do. And I know you guys have put so much work, time, sweat, and blood into it, which is why I'm even giving these critiques, because I'm not generally the person to go write reviews or offer feedback. So I hope you guys consider some of these things (and I'm sure you already have).


Firstly, what the hell are keys even for? I remember when you guys made the video for Indiegogo and you said .rar files would be chests, but I have yet to come across any chests anywhere near my rar files.


Secondly, the monster improvements (which I know you're working on) is very, very needed. Many of the monsters don't do anything, and even if they were big, they weren't difficult to take down. What is difficult is getting mobbed by 20 things and not being able to escape when you're low level. So it's either really easy or really difficult.

The other thing I thought was supposed to happen was that if there are a lot of a file type, they combine to make a harder enemy (or this was the plan from the indiegogo video). What REALLY happens is that you go into your system32 folder and end up sitting there for LITERALLY 3 HOURS killing the 12,000 enemies pouring out of the rift. I don't mind this rift style of play, but eventually just send a big bad boy out instead of the remaining 10,000 enemies. there needs to be something like minibosses for stuff like this to prevent monotony.


Another issue I had (which I see others have already suggested) was the skill and level system needs re-tweaking. I actually think it needs a bit of an overhaul. I don't think you should "make it like skyrim" but I think it would be better to have more options like in the skyrim skill trees. For example, if I'm making a magic character, let me get some magic talents. Ranged? Let me improve my ranged talents. And making tiers for a specific talent would be good too. For example, for that one talent that gives you HP and Mana when enemies die, just make it so that I can level into that talent 10 times to get more out of it as I do it (if I want that option) or even split them into mana leech and vampirism (hp drain). Personally, once you get to the end of a tree, I think it would be interesting to offer talents that are a double edged sword. Big improvements with drawbacks. All of these things would add a lot of personality and sustained character progression.

Some talent suggestions?

Melee: Increased melee range, increased damage, enemy knockback, double jumping (should be in this tier), berserk (low hp damage increase)
Dagger / rogue: crit chance, backstabbing, bleeding, evasion,  dashing (should be in this tier), etc.
Magic: reduced mana cost, increased damage, range, twin elements, status effects, etc. explosive magic? (spells do less but spread/explode)
Defense: base armor, base hp, life-steal and mana-steal (should be in this tier), shield bashing maybe? Juggernaut (never get knocked back)
Archer/ranged: increased accuracy, range, power (projectile speed), quickdraw, piercing arrows (the more you level this the more enemies it goes through, etc.)

When I played through the game, I really did enjoy it, but at times it felt very empty and there wasn't a lot to it. I feel that if I had the option to invest talents into things like this it would have improved the play experience a lot more. I know having too many options is bad, but I feel like there were no options here other than what I equip. Some kind of expanded talent system would make a huge difference and allow for better progression.


okay this one was a bit of a big one for me. Please please please make separate inventory category pages. For consumables, armor, shields, weapons, books, etc. because scrolling through the whole list is just monotonous. And the option to double click items to either equip or vendor, as dragging them gets a little monotonous too.


-Gold is useless and I pretty much never used it
-There was no real bonus for entering those cursed doors
-The adventurOS folder key easter egg is a little much. I killed one out of the four bosses and then found the key and went to the end. Maybe make it something else? Or maybe make it random for each playthrough. Make 10 possible options or special things you can get from it but don't give a free pass to the end boss