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A member registered Jun 17, 2020

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uhhh i crashed the game somehow

holy shit, this game was amazing

hey, this was really nice

beautiful. i would really enjoy to translate this to spanish.

the game is quite short, but i really liked it.  the monocromatic palette went perfect with the game. i really liked this!

this was nice, even if it was short. there is no tutorial, so if anyone wants to play this game without having played celeste first, they'll be screwed. otherwise the game is phenomenal, i really enjoyed collecting all cubes.

100% = 429 s.
any% = 89 s.

i enjoyed this game a lot! it's a unique twist on the original metroidvania. a longer version of the game would be really cool.

i liked how you have to talk woth people to make them remember their pass. the puzzles were intuitive and the humour was on point. i'd really like to see a second part of this, because this was golden.