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I love the way you intepreted the theme! I also like the pixel art, maybe different colors, but the rest is just brilliant..

The game is a little bit laggy for me, but it's still enyonable.. I am also not a big fan of the wall jump system, kinda wierd..

Thank you for the feedback :)

Thank you for the feedback. The end was really stressing.. No Main Menu.. This include that I could not realy polish. 

I think I will increase the time in the beginning..

Good idea for the next game.

The button to start the game is a little bit under the middle of the screen. Sadly my textures just bugged away on my main menu..

I love the Art Style and the gameplay.
If I would not have watch the whole process of making this game, I would not believe it was made in this week-end. :) 

I like the style of the game. I found a bug that both players can make themselve ready, while they do not have any stats..

Thank You :)

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It's a great game concept! Maybe more upgrades ? :)

I love the idea! Keep on programming the concept but the game is too laggy when it is played (in fullscreen). Maybe reduce the particles.

Love it. Keep on with doing games!

If it is your own music, it's fantastic.

Small improvment: I don't like how the bottom of the screen just looks gray. Maybe a little bit more decoration.

I love the style of the game even though the player and the enemys are just cubes! Keep on with your ability of making a great style!