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I had fun with this! definitely gonna play this in the future and the buff imposter. Keep it up😁

I love this, you find a cursed vhs tapes of a cartoon kids show then things get weirder. Im 100% playing the new update. Keep up the amazing work!!

This is one of the best detailed backroom i ever played so far, i love the sound effect and the story of how we ended up into the backroom

I hope we can see more games from you because this one was really cool even though it was short, it actually gave me chills for a minute  

I love your style of the backrooms, its more scarier and creative. Can't wait for more from you if you have plans

I love this game so much, its creative in its own way. I cant wait till the full game comes out

 i love how scary and deep the game was, like finding codes and takes you to you to a website, hope to see more!

This was awesome! It was normal then got odder then terrifying. love It! hope to see more!
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i don't think its a failed project. This is one of the best short scary game I ever played in a while

This is my favorite type of games, and the fact its on true storys makes it creeper and better. Love it!

This reminds me of the show pecola 

I really love this game! the story, the sound effect. its so perfect. definitely cant wait till the next game comes out!

somehow they're actually smart

Imagine getting double teamed

this will be forever one  of my favorite horror games in history

Does it makes me a bad person that I kind of enjoying being the killer?

Things are getting wild!

Puppet combo is one of my favorite game developer And this was fun and terrifying. I love the 90s and 80s type of game. I really enjoyed the Night Shift and definitely gonna play Feed Me Billy and others :D

I was kinda losing my mind but still loved it


your welcome :)

Ok and your welcome :D

I love the ps1 style, Its kind of scary fun its fun to explore for things. Keep it up. Hope you make more games! :D 

Please continue making this game, because this is actually a cool scary game. I hope it become an official =)
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somehow, it actually scared me. Love the game tho! keep it up. I look forward for more games :D

I fcjhvjj

Hope Everyone Enjoys it :D I haven't played among us in 6 months

this is your first game?! This game was fun And scary to play. The game actually made me jumped XD. I'll love to see more games from you
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This game is terrifying and awesome, I can't wait for the full game to come out! The jumpscare and him chasing you was the scariest thing ever

love this. Can't wait to see more games from you 😆

This game is so fun to play XD

I love this, This a GREAT Christmas horror game! This is now one of my favorites!. Love it! I'd enjoy playing :)



plus, theres no need to dislike a video for a option we can do

Everybody does it. Plus, its a option that we can

This actually scared this life out of me

This game made me insane

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Im the man behind the slaughter now

(this video maybe not in Spanish, but this game was fun to play XD) 

este video tal vez no esté en español, pero este juego fue divertido de jugar