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how many secrets are there in the mines?

so far i found the heart.

got recomended this game , had no idea you made another game after luxaren allure. discovery failure.


just saw the description says three endings.

replay time.

i would suggest downsizing the amount of routes to around half.

the main weakness of monster sweethearts was that the routes were each more of a series of events then a complete story.

even with the time investment on the art part being somewhat reduced by recycling art assets from it where possible, planning for six routes would likely stretch each route too thin.

a good approach might be to start off with two or maybe three and give enough spotlight to characters who are not route central in each route (including those whose route is not yet designed) to both make each route feel more complete and connected to the world (a problem in monster sweethearts) and organically develop the charactarization and writing for future routes rather then plan six seperate routes in advance and try to stuff them together ( a viable approach of course, but not really suitable for a single writer)

poor Miri doesn’t even get a name drop :(

great so far, allready know I will replay after I am done.

Typo : stress event says “you can go bac home” instead of back home

played it.



so now i should download the soundtrack.


there isnt anything more after the calling card right?

and with this i went through everything you made.

guess you have to make more :)

very good, onwards to your comic :)

loved the game.


got two of the dream endings( suicide and choosing the dream)

and one full ending 

any ending guide availabale to help see the rest?