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Hi! I tried to play this, after the story in the beginning finished, I just fell through the map.

Hi! I downloaded the windows version of the game, and soon as I click play, the screen is covered by big text that says Master Audio/Volume, and has big red circles and other weird glitches. Wasn't playable at all. Also no audio, not sure if that was intentional.

I have no idea if I played the full version or the demo since I was sent a download key from one of your devs via reddit. It was a fun game, and the third level was very challenging. I played for about an hour total. I just wish I had some closure at the end, rather than the abrupt stop there!

The kid inside of me always wanted to know what was beyond double I know. Thank you!


I almost lost my mind playing this, it was way scarier than I expected

I definitely would love to play the full version of this!!! Such a good game and not only did the jumps get me, but for some reason the fridge scared me every time I opened it 😂 the atmosphere was just so scary I was on edge the whole time! 

It was challenging, made me laugh, and I got my butt kicked by how difficult it was! I think you all have potential to make great platforming games. The music and character design just needs some improvement hahaha. Great work, keep it up please, and don't take my critiques seriously. I understand y'all are still learning. I know you'll get better!

I put in my best effort! The game surprised me with how crazy it was. I enjoyed the challenge, and it made me laugh :) I especially loved the slo-mo action! Well done.

Genuinely one of the best horror game I’ve ever played. Great sound design, great balance of jump scares… I was terrified the whole time, but I had to keep going to the end!

I think all the imperfections actually made this game so much fun 😂 I loved how long the monsters arms were!! Keep up the amazing work, I’d definitely play another one of your games.

once I got the hang of the controls I had fun 😂 the sound effects were killing me, loved it 

Out of the few games I played on the Demo Disc, this one absolutely had my favorite art style. I didn't understand the last cutscene, but I really enjoyed drawing the salt, and the unique rules to exploring the forest safely. :) It's the 1st game I played in the video.

I loved playing this game! I found it on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc. If you want to see my reaction, it's at 10:30. I am looking forward to the full game: the scares and atmosphere were amazing, and I'm really interested to know how we escape safely (or not) in the end!

that ending was great! I was a little confused at first how to trigger the events but I made it through and I’m glad I did. The end made it all worth it. 

Love the work you all created! I smiled the whole time playing this. Even though I never saw the monster, I was on edge when it started to attack! There were a few glitches when I played this game, specifically when using the wrench, possibly the periscope, and the voice that plays when danger is approaching on the sonar. However I loved the 3D assets you all put together, the atmosphere, story and sound effects! Overall fun to play and the glitches added character 😂

I was not sure what to expect when I turned this on. It was such a strange experience, but definitely unforgettable! It’s amazing to see what different experiences the artists were able to create despite being given the same bucket of assets. I was shocked and to be honest, kind of scared by them. It’s a feeling art rarely ever gives me, so I’ll rate this as truly unique and amazing 😂 

I really thought this was going to be short and sweet to practice some recording settings but instead I had 5 heart attacks wow. One of my absolute favorite horror games I've played because the jump scares were so well done and the atmosphere was incredibly scary and tense! 


Oh my gosh this was way scarier than I expected hahaha I couldn't beat it, but this game definitely surpassed my expectations...

Had fun playing this! There was one student who was glitching a bit, so they would catch you without having to touch you, but besides that it was a great short game!

This made me laugh so much... since Crash Bandicoot 4 is coming out but I can’t afford a PlayStation, I tried out your game. Was not disappointed. 

I was so excited to play this! It really messes with you...loved the graphics and each level had different surprises that I enjoyed. 

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This was a great quick game! I posted a gameplay + skit. Really enjoyed the atmosphere. Looking forward to trying out the second game. :)

I was not prepared for this game at all hahaha, but it was still hilarious, challenging, and fun to play. I definitely want to play it again and try the second level next time! I start playing your game at 9:29.

The music was too good in this game! I struggled at some parts, but I think the levels were well made. Well worth playing this game to the end hahaha. I start the gameplay for this game at 3:55. 

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I don't think anything could've prepared me for how badly the jumpscares were going to get me. I was laughing so much playing this game!

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This was my first Siren Head game and it was a blast to play. It was challenging and really made me want to go back and play again to figure out how to get the different endings. I wasn't so lucky, but I still had a great time. (Headphone user warning on the intro)