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Amin Lee

A member registered Jan 03, 2019

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I used your work in my music video! Your work is really great, I wish I had more time to use more of the actions! But anyway, I enjoyed using your art. Never thought I could find something amazing here for free! Thanks!

Thank you for sharing your art!

I used it on my music video. :) It's the first time I tried animation and pixel art, but was really fun!

You can see your art starting from 01:30. I was in a hurry so I had to stretch one picture to fit. But still, I'm so happy that lovely cloud goes so well with the character! Thank you again!

Thank you for sharing your art! I wanted layers moving separately, but my video editing program is kinda hard to do that so I just moved the whole thing. It was first time trying animation and pixel art for me. I'm happy to find such amazing gems on the internet!

Thank you! I used your little tiny mushroom on my music video. :) Love your work!

Hello! I used your drawings in my music video. :)

You can see some of your drawings I used, starting from 01:23

Love your work! Thanks for sharing your lovely art!

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Thank you! I used your pixel art (magic cliff, gothicvania, sunny land) for my video. I added your name on the description with the link. Thank you for sharing it! :)