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Absolutely nailed the old school point and click aesthetic, loved the animation and music. I hope you continue to make more games in the future this was a delight! 

As someone who actually visited the "human bodies" science exhibit and saw a lot of the Plasticine/chopped up bodies/organ systems it was so incredibly spooky to see a horror game inspired by it. Love the execution and hope for more! 

Playing this made me realize how much I miss games like this! It's simplicity in style and charming details in the sprites and sound design, from the rustle when you shuffle through the grass. The swapping mechanic is really neat too! Really looking forwards to more!

I like how you can feel a story just starting to bubble to the surface, and the colors are quite pretty. I would enjoy a full short game in this style! 

I promise it'll look prettier soon! Haha 

Even though this game was released some time ago it still leaves such an impact! It's a really unique gameplay mechanic and the simple characters and 8bit music compliment it well. I really enjoyed the idea that nothingness and space were separate things, and the story was fun to replay. It's officially " a classic" !

Absolutely loved this small package of a game! I was really wowed by the effort and polish that went into a game made in such a short time frame, from the colorful artwork to animations and even little floating particles in the background. It was absolutely sweet and I really enjoyed the ending. It's hard to describe what about the visuals was so nice, but I liked how each scene filled the whole screen so well. It's really incredible what the team did with RenPy  congrats! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me that nice review! :D It sounds like you got exactly what you wanted out of the game, so the second ending really isn't essential as it's more for people who are interested in seeing those types of dynamics go sour. I was pretty happy with the soundtrack I found, and if I do get someone to compose for the game I'll keep the style similar!