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Haha I've never had this one !
It's doesn't impact gameplay normally ><
Thanks for the notification ! :D

Yeah ! :D

Oh thanks ! :D
Yeah the game doesn't have much content for the moment but i hope you will enjoy what's slowly coming. :)

haha thank you !
I wonder too >_> ...

[ LOG : 00 ] community · Created a new topic [UPDATE001]

First build available. Try the result of the first 2 weeks of development.

Include :
The basic move mechanics & Parkour points.
Character model and movement related animations.
Some shaders demonstration (water, character).

Feel free to give your Feedbacks !
Bye !

Thanks ! :D
I'm trying  to find a way to correct this "white screen issue" ! :)

Oh shit this thing is here Again !?
I will see what i can do, but this thing is a real mystery when it come to why it appear >< !

Hehe ! last boss is designed to be a nightmare x,D

Thanks ! :D

The game is in ZQSD by default ^^
You can change the controls in the second panel of the launcher :)

Haha Cool ! :D
Thank you !

^^ Thanks !

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Thanks !
Check the second pannel on the launcher, you can remap the controls with it :)

Yep it's made with Unity :)

Thanks for the comment !
I had a lot of fun at looking your video !

Hehe nice video ! :D