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oh lol I realized it was part of the game but I had to look it up haha

I started skipping thru the game when I realized I didn't have a say in much that was happening. Monika particularly was irking me w how bossy she is. So i fastforwarded to see if eventually I'd really get to decide my fate and suddenly Sayori is dead and I have no clue what happened. I try to quit and go back to my earlier save so I can find out what happened, it didn't let me. I tried to create a new game and it's like Sayori never existed... Is this a glitch or is it supposed to be creepy asf???

I started and I hated the fact that the witches got slighted and it was called "peace". Then I noticed the main character was a brat. Is it worth it to push thru or do things kinda stay the same?

I'm usually kinda reserved so when there wasn't much of a chance to build a friendship before someone became a romantic interest it made me want to deny them both for being forward so early lol. I think the game's beautiful and well made but not for me ig haha