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This VN was amazing. I was hooked  straight from the prologue, and really could not put it down from start to finish.  I can't resist a good horror/mystery story, but August Flynn was really something special and was what stood out for me. Definitely one of my top favorite English VN characters. I have to say, I appreciated the way the devs never watered down or sugar coated his character, right up until the very end.  All of the characters had their complexities, and I loved how the story never compromised that. 

Hello! Great first chapter so far, I enjoyed it a lot! The art is lovely and the characters drew me in right away.. especially Navy and Gabriel. Looking forward to ep 2!

Hello, thanks for the Extra Story. I really liked it, just finished plaything through all the paths/choices. 

  • Did you enjoy having a more intimate look at your Dragon Commander's past? Should I make more of this type of thing or nah?   Yes absolutely! I love side stories and dlc, as they always give a chance to further character development and backstory. My MC was very bitter in the main game so it was interesting to see another side to them outside of the main timeline, and exactly what is  motivating Matthias to want to stick by their side despite all of  that. 
  • What was your favorite and least favorite thing about this update? Matthias showing off his fire magic...personal weakness of mine! Haha. The surprising rendezvous with Mandra which I wasn't expecting for a non LI..or has that changed? Didn't really have a least favorite thing.
  • Which character would like to learn more about? Master Curio.
  • Do you feel you're having enough space to create your own Dragon Commander? Yes! No game is gonna be perfect in this area..but the important thing is making the character feel believable and that their actions/motivations follow from what you've established about them so far. 

You can rename the page number at the top. I have a page (or 2) for each Traveller/RO.

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Hello, just finished the first two chapters last night and wanted to comment to say I really like what you've got so far. I appreciate your concept of one RO with a focus on the MC's character development, and how our choices impact that relationship over time. Oftentimes in many games there is an emphasis on the many interesting side characters and love interests, and while the side characters here are interesting too, the MC has their own character arc. The black and white aesthetic is nice  too. That along with the depth of the MC gives me the feeling of  reading an interactive novel, with illustrations. Looking forward to reading the rest to the chapters and replaying again with different choices.

I don't mind either way, whatever makes the most sense for you. I will likely be replaying from part 1 again anyway, to refresh my memory. If there are cliffhangers involved I'd  prefer to wait for it all together! But if part 3 would come out soonish anyway, then that is fine too. 😁

This game was so good! I love your writing style, the premise, the characters, everything. The MC is perhaps the best part, she is so well written and funny, and just a joy to play. Can't wait for part 2!