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Yea that reminded me, someone told me that before. I see, just thought maybe by now it might've been different since those things are what's most important considering the theme of the game. Anyways Thank you.

I remember playing this long time ago, but it was gender-locked as male protagonist and I couldn't continue playing it. I'm sorry but just wanted to ask if maybe the option to play as female available? 

I think you misunderstood, Im happy it's mostly male characters, I just meant I want to play as female and wanted to see if that would make a difference in events/story than when a male MC plays.

Yea I hope so too. Non-canon events most probably aren't specifically made with female MC so I understand. Appreciate the reply

I know this is primarily a gay game but will I lose out on a lot if I play as female in comparison to male? Are there less scenes?

Yea the writers almost always write what they can relate to which is easier so it's fine. 

Yeah I haven't either that much heh but no worries :3 I found some and maybe I'll come upon others I'll like while searching. 

Thanks, take care.

that's understandable, the game is still being developed. As I said it's probably not for me(since I'm not the target audience), It's your game so you can do whatever you see fit:)

I saw that you can be a Succubus so I wanted to like this.. but the game forces lesbian/futa content at the beginning on the player regardless of sexual orientation with no option of saying no or refusing. I just couldn't continue after that. sorry, just maybe not for me, others might enjoy this tho.

Its too bad.. I would play this game just for him(Luis) but I don't think I'll like it since it's locked as male protagonist with Luis as just a friend and is mainly focused on only female love interests. But the characters do sound great from what you said.

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In real life it would be different but since it's a game  pleasee tell me there's a poly option in this. The author made sure all the guys are handsome/cute and each has an attractive personality that I just can't choose one lol..

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It does. but I expected to just make few choice on both sides then choose a character to play as, not like this. And even knowing I wanted to see if I'll like it. It will be hard for those who try to relate or put themselves in the characters shoes to play.

I understand Eva is trying something unlike the first game, though it may not be for everyone and that's okay.

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(spoilers)Not that I'm not glad but it feels shocking that this was for free. I spent the whole night to finish it. I've bought and played many Choice of games/Hosted games stories and this tops a lot of them in quality even if it's on itch. 

My favourite characters are both Accolon and Gareth<3 accolon is the sweetest father he's so understanding and caring. 

I also couldn't help but love all the characters, even the ones that were supposed to bad, had feelings and reasons of why they are that way.  Idk why i tend to become really emotional when it comes to Arthur. His internal conflict and how he always tried.. somehow often made me tear up everytime. I didn't like his abandonment but I understood his shame. I kinda forgave him everytime.

Morgana is complicated. She was caring but was consumed by hatred evident by the lengths she went for revenge. She kinda used her daughter as a tool, still that doesn't change how caring and genuine her love was.

Gawain and Galahad? Love both. I wish there were more interactions with Galahad too:( the story was also really entertaining. Really sorry for the wall of text. Cant wait for next chapter

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This ended too soon. I was planning on playing this for hours lol.. it seems really good so far despite it not being much. I especially loved the character customisation. We can choose make-up, to dress hot/sexy or cute.. have piercings.. you did very well on character creation, even our pet is customizable but the story ended right after lol.

I'll come back from time to time to check on this. good luck!

I didn't expect to like this.. it's very short but I liked it. Choosing their body parts everytime broke the immersion for me a bit but I understand the need for that. I loved Roan so much, his commanding tone and how he expects to be answered, his lines, personality.. I loved it.

Bailey, is more on the gentle side but I can picture him as a gentle big man. He was sweet. I did another playthrough just for him.

Lumi.. was totally not my type at all lol. I stopped when he told me to take "charge" in dance.

As for the Marquessa, sorry but I really didn't like her. She was too forced & pushy regardless of sexual orientation. I just ignored her parts.

But overall this could be made to a much longer thing. The story was actually interesting despite being short. And the romance isn't bad.

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Okay so I've been skipping for more than 5 or more mins fast over Ian's playthrough & I feel guilty choosing options that probably would make him sad, I almost chose all the options of avoiding him being with a girl. When I finally got to the part where I can play as Lena my excitement for playing was already down. I'm not sure if after playing as Lena, if it will go back again to Ian or I can just keep playing as her cause that would change things.

 But for now I can't bring myself to continue.. maybe the game is just not for me. I expected it to be since I enjoyed the first other game. 

I thought I could play as female player character just like Eva's first game, but going into this it seems like I'm playing Ian.. is there a way to play as Lena for the whole game? I really can't relate playing as Ian at all :/

The game is obviously not for me at all since I'm not attracted to women but scrolling the page couldn't help but stop at the beefy Luis..  He gives off "bad boy" vibes & is kinda hot/cute lol.

This was so fun to play. It makes me play to all my hidden desires and just things that wouldn't absolutely do in real life. I like that you can also romance the general<3 it's too bad you can't romance Gray since he has a girlfriend.

The only bit I didn't like is the forced futa content on my character, but it was minor and just hidden. 

I'm playing the game on Android through Joiplay, is there any way to play the mods? I really want play one of the mods but I'm not sure if it's possible to do it through phone on Joiplay.

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This is amazing. I could only play a bit and I'm really sad about it. I'm certain I'll pay for the whole chapters that are out sooner or later lol. It's hard to find female protagonist games like this that actually appeal to women & not just directed at straight men.

Whoever did the art is really good. Chad is my favourite💜 I could understand it's just his character, but I just hated how it hinted I couldn't romance him :(

The Dean(DILF material), Jay(the sexy bad boy vibes off the charts but was really sweet tbh), Shawn... And Bryce (he's the biggest jerk but...), Yea sorry I'm in love with all the male characters literally XD. 

I'm surprised this isn't as popular already. Hopefully when the game is more developed & more chapters are out. It'd be cool if there was some sort of stats? I'm guessing the fame/gpa etc will influence later chapters.. or just the way it is good too.

I appreciate your work & good luck! I'll keep checking up on here.

Yea this isnt really fully developed and is kinda buggy but this could be one of my favourite games. it's short though but I like the stats, the atmosphere, the options in convos etc. 

Especially like that there's always an option to do it "another way" with any man in the game<3 and that choices also matter. Anyways it's good that losing doesn't mean game over.. 

Maybe implementing relationships with the prominent NPCs that develops and changes the closer you are to them, could also be relationship with the bandits and goblins too(like bad, neutral, loving depending on choices? etc) and that at next encounter they recognise you? There's a lot of potential here, from the stats, the barracks, more places in town, random encounters, side job etc. Also where did that leader run off to after making me in-game pregnant??lol.

that was a lot sorry but I can see the game still has a long way in development. I hope it will not be abandoned. Also I'll follow the Dev🤍

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After playing this I really love it. The art is a bit rough but I still like it nonetheless. Only thing I didn't like is that I'm "forced" to visit every house even when I'm not interested in the women inside them otherwise the day won't finish.. and I won't be able to go sleep. Anyways I'm glad that you can at least avoid the lesbian&futa scenes.

I really like the rat in the well💜 Hagen's character is also hot, I hope his route can be developed further & maybe be possible to go with him(maybe rat too) on your journeys? There's also the drunkard. Okay.. so this game could offer a lot and it's only chapter 1. The storyline seems interesting with its view on the dead, the use of runes, inverted world etc.

although I can see it's kinda been a long time since a public update so I really hope this wasn't abandoned.

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Was on this all night. I just didn't know it was a demo:( usually I don't play games like these.. but yeah it was really fun to play. There are a lot of things to do. I also like that you can "socialise" with teammates. I loved Jin the most<3 he's really cool :3 hopefully in the future maybe you can romance characters. 

I'm really sad it finished at the judges underground meeting. I'll check on this once in a while for updates:) 

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This ended really fast:( I'm so happy I tried this out. It has soo much potential with skills, storyline and gameplay. 

Only regretful thing is that you aren't given really much freedom but are just thrust from one situation into another. it's not sandboxy ofc. But you are given options almost everytime in dialogues.

honestly I would've loved to see at least a profile of the skills available and maybe if more could be implemented? Maybe relationships percentages too?

 I loved the bandit boss and the Smith the most. And the goblins. Ok.. I almost love all the guys in the game lol :3 

Can't wait for next chapter💜 I really hope you don't drop this.

Edit; just a suggestion I'm using android, if you could implement a "hide" button later when u can on the dialogue window that'd be great. I can't see their bottom half :/

I want to play as female character but I'm not sure if I'll like this... It seems more directed to straight guys mainly. I might give this a go. But on this page it only says which girls you can date(free&paid versions) & I'm not interested in women at all. What about the guys you can date? 

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I understand you improved on an original game & this is actually good. I also played the original to compare. But there are parts where I felt like I was forced to do things, like sacrificing specifically hairy men otherwise there won't be a way forward. Also there were more scenarios where I can only top(I'm not) & if I choose to bottom it's game over like the shower scene so I just skipped them...

Anyways in the end it was fun, and I could see that if it was really fully developed, it would be rich in content and even more fun. I would love if there was "developing relationships" section or wtv but I understand it's only at early stage.

I also played "Escape from forest" by that developer & its also cool even if short. Sorry for long post lol :3

That Cthulhu was really hot honestly🥺

But I did not know about that rabbit. I almost finished the game & haven't encountered him. Now I'm curious lol :3

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Really cool game💟💟 I love it. I'm using the android version, it working great.

The only thing holding it back is probably the translation. But I get it's not easy to just get anyone. But the translation so far isn't horrible, it has some mistakes but the general meaning is through. Only a small part of the game is translated but even that was *fun*:3

Theres also suggestions on improvements if you don't mind,

Maybe the more Zombies, Minotaur and men u meet & seduce, the more slutty reputation u have with them, maybe? Like sometimes they'll know you or something like that? Because just seducing randomly without long-term reaction just feels like not much progressing. I hope I made sense.

Also the town could have endless possibilities, you could implement so much in it.. even the small shopkeeper could have a part of it.

Also I'm a bottom, sometimes I'm forced to top other guys or the storyline won't continue. I have to close my eyes and just press skip lol. I would appreciate if there's like an option in the beginning like top, bottom or vers.

Other than that it's really fun & cool game💕 sorry for long post btw! 

I think I found out how, you have to first finish the green gem quest belonging to the temple of lizards & take it with you. Then when you go sleep, you'll meet that mysterious existence who's always after the gem, I gave it to him but you could try other options and then when you go back to the ruins again and tell them the news, they'll "celebrate" I think at a waterfall. Sorry for long post but it's a long chain quest lol, hope this helped a bit

Oh that makes so much sense, thanku.. I guess putting all points into appearance was a bad idea after all hehe.

I hope hyao could implement a "reset stats points" later on maybe.

Ive only discovered the south, north and east(original entrance) but can't find the Crawler's nest.... I feel like I searched every corner and the ghouls don't help at all.. Lol

I like Ja the local so so much lol! And even if there was NSFW(not complaining), there was also a short story albeit not a very through one but still made me happy to read, also the ending with him, loved it! I hope I can see this developed more in the future.

Thanku for the Christmas gift💟

Honestly this made my day better! Merry Christmas to you too dev and be safe.

And btw I need to ask something.. is how to get to the new dungeon?(Munburry)

Please tell me we can have hearts with Booner!!🙈 or maybe later on... Having being stuck with only watching him in the warehouse without a follow up with him is frustrating lol. I guess the warehouse scene is only for tops/vers, to follow up with the commander only.

Ikrr lol. I hated that too. Like I'm still here! Just not in front of me, I don't want see or know.

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Hehe I can see how Gunnar could be annoying for tops.. Even as a bottom myself he's annoying but I like him, so I kinda just want to see more of him. Hyao should probably do like this: if you're a bottom, you see him much more and if you're a top you could see him once or smthn like that?

I like it, especially the character Brymror, very soft on the inside<3 and then after him the dragon detective. I'm especially happy that aside from the nsfw content there's also a plot. Anwyays I reached the end where its darkness and in prison(dream?) So I guess that's it for the demo? Is there a continuation, something(date)? Good job!