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Not too sure about the technical stuff for porting. In any case, if porting happens, it will be when the game is complete. 

Good luck! There's a reddit sub for gamedevs you might find useful:

It's not made in Unity, it's a RPGMaker MV project with a lot of custom code.

Hatsuo is currently the only option for male-male scenes. I will also be adding new male-male scenes for him in an update coming for late June. 

Sorry for the late reply. No, there ARE Female-Female and Male-Male scenes, but most of the content is made for a hetero male player in mind. 

Whoops, dropped the ball on replying to this, but it's now released on Early Access both here on Itch and Steam

Are you pressing shift? Shift is an empty command yet to be filled, so sometimes it crashes battles.

It's likely some WebGL issues, will be fixed by the next patch

Hi, consequences of being an alpha I guess. I'll try to answer a few of your questions.

1.) Allow window mode, the game looks horrible when stretched to full screen. Also a huge amount of people prefer playing in windowed.

F4 will drop it into windowed mode.

2.) Don't start with sound at full blast. It's a porn game, no idea why you would do that. Very least ask people their volume choice at the start.

Default setting shouldn't be too loud, and are adjustable.

3.) Most important! Skipping dialogue or making it faster is the same button as accepting a choice. So when ever I try to speed up the dialogue it chooses the first option instantly; before I even knew what it was.

You can proceed through dialogue using your mouse.

huh, that's weird. I'll look into adding it by default, thanks for letting me know!

Oh, that probably means your version of WebGl is out of date and you need a newer version. 

Thanks! This mission is still in development and wasn't meant to be accessed yet, I'll fix it soon!

A new version dropped recently, maybe that will help.

That's strange, does switching perspectives change things?

Right now I don't think Google Play Store allows adult games. Same with iPhones. If this changes or is incorrect, it's something I'll consider.

Please visit the discord or use the comments here if you want to report bugs, thanks!