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Super cute! Love the music and art! Pretty hard or maybe I'm just bad. Very good though. <3

Already done. <3

Everything is soo soo cute~ I love the mechanics, the art, and the music. The story is nice too. I like how it gets a bit difficult the further you go on. The type of food and their designs are good too!

This has such intense emotion and I really like that. It's not too explicit and I love all of the options and endings to choose. The art and music are great too. Wonderful job of bringing contrasting themes together. <3

So cute, quick, and simple. Love it. <3

Really fun, interactive, and challenging! <3

So cute! <3

I really like the music and visuals. Very cute and unique! <3

I really liked the game. The controls were easy to figure out (arrow keys) and the designs were cute! <3

Love this game! Some of the words are a bit confusing but aside from that it is amazing. The art and graphics are so cute! <3

Love this game! It is so cute. A great way to paste time. I love the overall design, recipes, and gameplay! <3