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That's awesome, thanks!  Haha, I wanted to keep playing and ended up remapping shift onto capslock in the registry, but it'll be great to have  a less... extreme solution.  I'm looking forward to putting activate on the space bar too.

Again, really enjoying the game.  Cheers and keep up the good work!

Hey, enjoying the game so far, but my laptop has a busted left shift, and I'm having trouble rebinding sprint.

Using keyboard_setup, I'm able to change all other keybindings just fine (complete with changed prompts!), but changing the key for sprint seems to have no effect: the new key will not work, and shift is still sprint.  Has anyone successfully rebound sprint that can offer guidance?

Also, I see that shift is keyed as "16", and assume other non-alphanumeric keys have similar codes, but I don't see documentation as to what is what.  Does anyone have a chart of the possible key codes, or at least ones for CTRL, ALT, Caps_Lock, and Space?

Much appreciated!