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It's great!  You should consider publishing it independently as some guile-gnome-devtools package or something like that.

Very well polished!  Great atmosphere, kuddos for the soundtrack.

The graphics remind me of Tyrian 2000.  Memories... :D

I use EXWM which can force-resize / fullscreen applications, so even if you "disable it", it's just a hint, it never reallyprevent the window manager from going fullscreen.

Keep up with the good work!

In my opinion the most urgent would be sounds to make it more entertaining.

Then the list goes on idefinitely I suppose: traps, moving objects, specials stages with reversed gravity...


Technically, I guess the engine is quite ready, but I personally did not feel much replay value.  Maybe make player's choice more impactful?  For now it seems that the choices don't really matter.

I've been discovering Guile recently.  The GTK UI you've created peeked my curiosity: a console, a debugger, a log... Is it all yours or did you borrow those UI elements from another library?

Nice little game!  I might be stating the obvious, but it strongly reminded me of Angry Birds :)

There seems to be an issue with window resizing: when resizing after the game has started, part of the elements end up off screen.  Conversely, when resizing before the gameplay starts, the elements occupy that much space, which changes the gameplay (and might make the mission impossible?).

I was away for the last 5 days so I did not have much time to commit to the game at all :(  Too bad, next jam I guess!

That said, I intend to keep working on the game, the Git repo will hopefully see further significant updates soon!

Yes, that makes sense :)

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If I understand correctly, here is the workflow:

- `M-x run-guile` to fire up the REPL.

- `M-x geiser-eval-buffer` (or compile).

- Start the game (which starts the coop repl) from the REPL.

- M-x connect-to-guile RET RET.

So all in all we need to REPL: one for the initial setup and one coop REPL for live hacking.

Is that correct?

This is brilliant!  Thank you so much!

Does anyone know if it's possible to evaluate code while a SDL program is running?  In other words, is it possible to update a running program "live" with Guile?

Akin to what Baggers does with Common Lisp on his Youtube channel :)

I've sent a fix for the guile-sdl2 package to Guix upstream.  It should work well from now on.

What's your take on Guile's parallelism capabilities?  I see from the manual that it has support for "futures".  Does it cope well with SDL/OpenGL libraries?

Chickadee does not seem to be packaged for GuixSD yet: I'll work on it.

Also guile-sdl2 does not seem to work on GuixSD either: the module cannot be found.  There might be an error in the package definition.  I'll work on that too.

Off-topic: David, I just figured out that your blog has an atom feed at, but I could not find any explicit link on your website.  Is it intentional?

I had somehow missed Chickadee on David's web page.  Thanks for the pointer!

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Hi!  A bit late to the party, I'm afraid :p (Hectic week for me, I won't have much time to commit to the jam...)

I've recently switched to GuixSD and found myself playing around Guile a lot. I thought the jam would be a perfect opportunity to hone my skills :)

I've decided to go for a Bomberman-inspired game: (as of this posting, there is nothing playable yet).

What do you guys think about Guile?  I've found a few game-dev libraries so far:

- guile-sdl

- guile-sdl2

- guile-opengl

- guile-sly (a game engine)

I know the community is very Common Lisp oriented.  That said, does anyone know of previous games implemented in Scheme / Guile?