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short and sweet!

And we believe if we persist enough, there'll be something worth it waiting for us in the end.

There's some high quality wisdom here


Nice game with lovely artwork

Short, sweet and fun!!

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I really wanted to play this game but I'm totally stumped on the very first puzzle (how to get past the troll). Are there in-game hints? If so how can I trigger them?

As a side note I didn't appreciate the you throw like a girl bit as it perpetuates harmful stereotypes

Short but really fun, great gameplay feel, cool Megaman tribute

Lovely puzzle platformer I had AN ABSOLUTE BLAST with it, also 160 levels is a ton of content for the price, took me 3 days to complete it. Totally recommended to those who are into puzzle platforms.

Keep up the good work!!

Thanks for the quick answer!

The original Glitch Dungeon was so fun, I'm hyped for this sequel!

Hi first of all I wanted to say that the game is absolutely LOVELY, the sprite work, music and sound effects really stand out. 
I also found the game genuinely fun the 5 minutes I had the chance to play it, with good puzzlers of old vibes into it.

That said I'm facing an issue: being the dumbass I am I accidentally remapped all the game keys to a single button making it impossible to further progress through the game.

Where is the game progress located? I assume there must be some game preferences file somewhere, but I couldn't find any in AppData/Local (I'm on windows).

Thank you in advance!

How a game can be this polished is beyond me