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Thanks for the reply! I think I understand how it works now :) 

I was going under the assumption that it was a 1:1 kind of thing with villages and corn, so I was confused why A and B for instance didn't count as saved, since they each had a corn. So for all the villages within a clearing, there has to be an equal amount of corn for any of them to count as saved? 

On another note, I think a useful feature to add to this would be a 'restart' button, or perhaps some kind of level system. Then again, the simplicity in the lack of levels is part of why I'm so drawn to this game lol :)

Honestly kind of obsessed with this game, I can't stop playing! It's so simple yet so fun. Kind of confused about the 'point' system though, particularly the saved/lost count. I thought I was doing pretty good but after the flood, it said I lost my 8 villages? :( [image below] 

Saved: 0 / Lost: 8

Overall a very enjoyable game, and very relaxing :) 

I love that even though it gives you a choice at the end, there's only one option. You cannot give up. BLM. 

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Love this game, it's so cute!! My favorite one was the bush-clearing one because it was so satisfying to watch the path appear. It took me a few tries to get the bridge one because I kept going too far and accidentally pushing them off the side lol. The rock-pushing one was definitely the hardest-- once you push it too far, you have to start from the beginning again!

Thank you for sharing your creation! Also, you have a very cute blog :)