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Spoilers if nobody wants to read those.

This was a heartbroken experience. That poor mother and child.

I do think the environment was creepy, like with the rabbit which I feel like could be connected with the story of the dispatcher. I was creeped out about LIAR that popped up when you tell them the cops would be there soon. (Maybe the dispatcher lied in the past)

I have a theory do say if I'm mistaken.

My first thought was that the mistake that was talked about at the start is the dispatcher may have had a call in the past that could of been a child that died. Hence the rabbit.

And this call is like a repeat of a past experience. 

The monster is actually somebody that was close to child/or who died. And they came to kill you. Which is why it's your last call.

My next theory is pretty much the same expect the monster is your guilt for making the same mistakes all over again. And your overwelled with it and it consumed you like a monster. Which is why it was your last call. You quit after that. (Or maybe you end up insane and had to leave) 

I like my first theory better. 

Overall I think this was an awesome experience and felt like a real call. It was terror in like a panic way to keep the family safe. On top of that it seems like somebody watches you. 

I think the child's voice was pretty on point for it seems like she was use to her parents fighting but, she didn't expect her dad to hurt her mum. 

I don't know how many cop died if any on the fact they didn't listen to you. Which is understandable when there is a somebody inside. 

I wish there was more voice recognition related calls. It makes it feel more real. 

The criedts says inspired by so it hurt to think about all the people who have to deal with the chance of these types of encounters. It would be hard to be a dispatcher and be able to stay calm. (At least for me it would)

Wow! That's awesome sauce! (Sorry for weird phrases I use) Anyways I'm so happy you had some motivation from the community. If you need any type of story help or anythin I can do to help you out, I will try. I believe in you. I have already told some of my friends about your demo and they all loved it. Keep up your hard work.

I hope you will finish this. It's been a while since there has been an update. This demo seems to have my interest. I love a nice story and I love where this demo takes it. I hope you do finish it. If you have a writers block, I be happy to help out. I loved it too much. So I do want to keep a check on this and see if there will be a full version. This has so much potential. Maybe if it's ever finished, you can put it on steam or sell it on itcho. I would pay for a full version.

It has potential. It shows a lesson on both sides of the characters. However, there is a bug where sometimes the part where your come back late it doesn't move forward anymore it stays on the same text.