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Amazing story, great 
amazing story, great job. Scared me good twice. 

very creepy and eerie. 

Actually creepy , good job. 

I wouldn't have left if I had known id actually leave but im happy with my choice lol, that was scary!!!  

aww actually id love to try again, thank you so much.  

cool game , fun idea

very creepy and it got me a few times lol!! 

great idea and very creepy. 

very good job, great story idea 

actually scared me omg!!!

Like always enjoyed the game and can't wait for the next one. 

very good love the idea and everything about it!!!! Such a cool concept. 

very cool concept. good job.  

loved it so happy to see more of this series lol literally I have the best time playing these. 

yeah i was on edge

good job

so scary can't wait for the rest of the game

very good, as usual. 

dude the face scared me !!!! 

was so intrigued in the story cannot wait for more!!! 

youre welcome!!!

very well done, such a fun game!!!! 

i cant wait for the finished game !!!! Youre welcome.

i was so happy to see a demo update, can't wait to see more!!!!

you're very welcome!!! 

Great game very fun!!!! 

loved this, the idea of it is so creative good job!!!! 

great game, loved the idea. 

The trilogy I didn't know I needed. Amazing game as usual.  

Sometimes the sequel is just as good as the original if not better lol!!!!Great job as always. 

Great game the spider person actually really scared me lol!!! 

love the storyline and atmosphere of the game so far. 

still not sure what my job was lol!!!! 

the giant rat honesty scared me lol!!  

Amazingly entertaining, loved all of it.  

Great job as always. Look forward to all the games you release. Very Spooky.  

I'm seriously obsessed with every game that comes out, great job. Great storytelling as always. 

Great job!!! 

you're very welcome !!! 

you're welcome