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This was great, very creative and fun game. Good job!!! 

This was creepy, good job!!!! 

Good Job this was a really creative idea!!!

Got me like 3 times tbh!!! Great job 

very good tbh that wave in the beginning really got me lol. Good job!!

aww thank you so much!!! lol omg Mannequins are a big fear not gunna lie!!!

good job!!! 

was lots of fun!!!! Good job. 

I liked this game a lot actually, got me a few times, good job!!!!!

Good game, great sequel!!!! 

One of my biggest fears not going to lie, this atmosphere gave me the chills!!!!

You're welcome!!!  


awww I agree completely. Thank you so much!! 

Good job the atmosphere was so eerie the entire time, gave me chills !!!!!  

I loved this, these are the kinds of games I always enjoy!!! :) Great Job!!!

really good, keep up the great work!!! 

This was so good, amazing message as well.  Created a very good atmosphere , good job!!!!!

I hope this is the updated version of the game, it was on my computer awhile. Very well done!!!

i loved this so much , the chaos of it all made it very enjoyable 

This game gave me a few scares not going to lie lol !!!!

omg thank you so much for telling me id love to play it!!!1

thank you so much! 

Enjoyed this a lot, such a good idea. Good Job!!! 

So good, fun and creepy!!! 

The footsteps gave me chills lol!!! good job 

This really got me because of my fear of mannequins!!!! Good job  

Thank you so much!!!! 

i had no idea what to expect lol, this was creepy!!!! 

Amazing lol!!!! 

loved it!!! 

i think i got this before the game update but, im not sure but, i really liked this game !!!! 

omg thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed the game so much and yes got in some good laughs which  I always enjoy.  

This was so good, the voice acting is amazing! I honestly didn't know if I could even trust myself, great job!!! 

no problem!!!

This was so good, keep up the good work. Enjoyed doing my job while being scared lol 

very good and calming. I was actually creeped out until the sandwich thing. 

Didn't know I could be afraid of a slide but, here we are lol. Good job! 

This was so stressful omg!!! lol 

very nice, cool look on how everyone thinks differently