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it would be nice to know when you hit something. maybe a screen shake or a sound effect.

great idea but the game-play was a bit slow. maybe if you could move around faster and smoother it would be more enjoyable.

my car just wanted to drive on the grass

the game was good. would be nice if we could hear some music. it would be cool if you earn bonus points of you save paint.

loved the whole concept, it fitted the theme really well.

If your weapon switches to the red button and you shoot, you will take damage. this is probably the reason you were taking damage. I had the same problem but it stopped after I realised this.

this game was really fun and was well polished and looked great. I always found myself thinking about where I should move to and where I should stand to be in the best position to shoot the red guys. great game!

I liked the idea but I found it confusing. I'm probably bad.

the egg needs love

this game kept me thinking the whole time and was a lot of fun.  great effort for this small amount of developing time.

I really liked this game. I like how it gets more out of control as you collect more mushrooms.

really fun. the difficulty of the puzzles was perfect for me. I never got stuck for too long and it was always satisfying to figure it out. good job.

This game made me laugh. I like it.