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Tim Newsome-Ward

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Thank you ever so much for the kind words. Its a very early phase and I would love to flesh this world out more if I can find the time. 

Hey, the cover shot really called out to me! I really loved the aesthetic of this level, it really drove home the verticality theme. I also thought the initial starting position of the player was great, it allowed me to take my time and see the path I needed to take.

I also seem to have the same issues as Bob and unfortunately can't get past the third obstacle, everything I tried resulted in a fall and death. I think it maybe nice to ramp up the puzzle difficulty as the player progresses maybe a few simple jumps followed by a larger one.

The first wall run section could maybe have a "safety net" (a trigger which teleports the player back to the ledge) while they practice and even some on screen prompts to teach the controls.

But overall a great job and would love to see how you progress!

Thanks ever so much for taking the time to play the level and leave feedback. In the last chamber, I tried to place the switch centrally and have the player drop down before they entered so they could survey the room. I was hoping they would make the connection that the switch needed to be pressed. Maybe I could have left some better clues like having water at the bottom of the chamber and some pipework maybe. This would link back to the first water puzzle better thinking about it, players could thenapply what they learned. 

Thanks again Bob, lots to think about!