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i really enjoyed this game the scares got me good

this game was really good i liked it i do think walking around to each house individually the space felt empty you could make the vies distance lower and add more trees AND PLEASE NERF THE ICE PARKOUR

ill make sure to check it ou

it was a great game jump scare got me at the end but it was a really good game i hope that you will maybe extend the game a little bit maybe add multiple dreams it has a lot of potential it was the first game i played in the video  btw

it was the second game i played i think you should add a jump scare

at the end but it was a great game that got me really unnerved

great game that jump scare really got me at the end but overall great game


ill make sure to play it when it comes out and scream like a girl the whole time

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great game scared the life out of me at the end I had to go back in for a thumbnail and it scared me again