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Having a strange error and am unable to launch a new game. For some reason in the main menu my X and O button are flipped so while it says O to cancel and X to continue I have to do the opposite. When I go to start a new game it opens a menu to adjust sound settings and pick a language but I am unable to hit X to continue. Nothing works at all and I can't actually get the game to start. I tried using keyboard to hit enter or any other option on the controller but it just remains on the settings menu. Any ideas what might be causing the game to refuse to launch?

Sorry if this information is posted somewhere, but is there any information about what controllers the game supports/recognizes? 

I was really excited to try to play but none of the controllers I have appeared to work at all. (I have a switch pro and ps5 controller--might have a very old ps4 one somewhere I could dig up which I haven't tried it yet). However, because nothing was connecting I was forced to try and play with keyboard, but I wasn't able to even figure out what the keyboard + mouse controls were because the "controls" menu only displayed buttons for...maybe an xbox controller? (which I don't own). As a result I wasn't sure what buttons I could even use and kept accidentally doing things incorrectly which was very frustrating.

It would be very sad to learn that I am actually unable to play the game on controller because none of what I own is supported.