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ok, mindblown. After testing and playing a bit with your tool, this is all the more accessible now.

Truly thank you, I feel this is giving a lot of flexibility/power/time-savers for game makers that usually is the domain for a team or a whole lot more knowledgeable skills. At least in its entry level form: which is all I need for now, modify and manipulate some spreadsheets but it came with so so so much more.

Bought it! Will be giving this a ride, mix it maybe with others like GoogleSheets connection, that way it can be used as an editor inside unity but also pull that online for dev and convert it to the asset's intended data types.

Question, probably beyond the use case, is it easy enough to persist it after changes done at runtime? maybe with Easy Save 3?

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UPDATE #1: just wanted to say that I have bought the asset and holy jeez, it works... as advertised. Just wanted spreadsheets but it's amazing how it has so much more. Can create files, retrieve them via id, images, raw text file/json's, etc. Truly amazing. 5 stars from me.


Hi! This asset looks interesting, however I seem to have issues running the embedded game in 

Have tried both on Safari and Chrome on a Mac, maybe I'm not putting the Spreadsheet URL right, it looks likes this:

(on chrome is the same message but on a different popup style)

Gonna buy it soon and give it a try but wanted to point that out in case it also happens on an actual local Unity project build.

Will be using it as a sort of level editor by marking cells with information in it and treating it as a 'grid'