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nice, I'll be waiting for your new update too ^ ^

thx a lot ^^

hope this could help ^ ^

Alright, I've tried what you need me to do already but still not work. and I'm still not sure, where  the location you need to change the permission so I've check up it's already read/write and that's the most permission would have on mac too.

I've tried to press save game on a slot, but nothing recorded

I can't save game on mac version ;-;

Yay!!! thank you so much <3

Yee, thx ^ ^

plz tell me when you has mac version then, they're thicc and really hot ;)

I've waiting for mac version too, but thx for android at the moment ^ ^

It's work properly, thx so much :3

yay, finally has mac version, Thx XD

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Now It' s work properly, will let you know if I found any bug, thx.

thx so much & I still keep tracking on your great work ;)

urm what happen to your game? I've play on mac os 2 month ago. now it became pc only after your last update...

Frankly I may need spent more time to stay with Asterion. It's good to discover more about him. Good progression can't wait to see more.

Done, Just only change from direct download from website to app like this. App  run  properly right now thank you so much ^ ^

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I'm on mac osx 10.14.5, recently open game but I got this

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ok finally I can save now, have to run pass "itch app" OMG = =

already try to click enter to save but denied

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I mean I can't save my game progress even in hotel

erm, I've play on mac but can't save anyway :(

That's mean I have to use my luck on  new game+, haha, thx.

I collected 21 recipes but where are the rest exactly for Croissant? I need to do casino quest, thx. This is good game ^ ^

Where can I see this character?