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A LOT of youtubers have already played this game.Also,  you don't need the developer's permission to play ANY game.I mean if youtubers asked dev's permission for every game they play, that would really ruin them...

Don't self-promote

Also if I find out anything more I will update the topic.

Well first check your computer sound. If it is up, check your game settings.Also if you are using headphones and you don't hear audio they are most likely broken.

I personally don't think that really matters, it's just the character design...

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DDLC is an awesome game, and as much as I like it, it would be pretty cool if the game had 2 modes:

-This one (classic) Where Monika is aware that this is all a game

-Normal- Where the characters aren't aware that this is a game. That would really alter the story and maybe add more endings?

What do you think? 

Now, this would probably require a lot of work  so if you do want to update it, take your time.

Sadly, it is unlikely that this game will be updated because according to MatPat's videos this is just a sequel to a new game by Team Salvato that is coming this year.Apparently, it is a prequel of this game.

Is that true?

If it is, that is the best advertisement method I've ever seen!

Fun Fact: When I installed the files from DDLC on my phone I got several new pictures in my gallery.Two of them really stood out.They were shadows of a boy and a girl.The boy might be the protagonist, but the girl doesn't resemble any character from the game.