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Happy belated birthday, 8pancakes. :)
I hope it was a good, restful one.

I did a thing

you're too kind, Mr. Pancakes :)

Thank you for your participation and intriguing entry, and for your awesome team spirit throughout.

I shall draw the syrupy summoning circle again before long......

I'm on mobile so they're split up:

I talked about it, I better be about it!

I somehow played this last.

Jagonz, I AM AMAZED at what you have put together!  This is a TON of different systems mixed into one, the maps look FANTASTIC, and the game is actually really fun besides!

This is wonderful and I want to play more after the jam, so please keep up the hard work!!

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Hello again!
The release of Bakin has been officially delayed to Oct 17.  This is  unfortunate as it means we'll have to wait longer, but in the end, it is a good thing that SmileBOOM are going to be working on issues that they have recognized (including things they noticed during their presentation at the Tokyo Game Show)!

We will have a winner before then, of course, which will be bittersweet as the winners will be happy and then wait in anticipation to get their hands on BAKIN XD

But that brings me to my next point.  Check this out, taken just a moment ago!:

only 156 out of 380 ratings

If there are twenty entries, and we can each rate the other 19, that means 20*19=380 possible ratings.

We aren't even halfway there?

This bodes ill for future jams.  It can be seen that "participants who do not rate other entries will instead rely on others to rate theirs, for a better chance at winning."  This sort of behavior would not be fair.  However, I do not know if this is the case here with any participant, and I hope it is not.  In fact, it may be because we are very busy in our daily lives.

That said, I would like to remove the possibility of those who do not rate entries.  We need people to rate other entries for peer reviewed jams, so if this isn't successful, we would have to seek options such as relying on a judging system in the future.

I see the jam ends very soon.  But in this case, I strongly feel the entries need to be rated.
I would like to see the amount of ratings be completely filled out.  Do what you can to give the other entries ratings.

I do not wish to leave the participants in limbo.  So I will post a goal for these strange circumstances.

I will prolong the JUDGEMENT PERIOD, in spite of the original end date.  Please rate the other entries when you can.
Once this number reaches a certain point, I will put out another announcement.  

I apologize for the inconvenience that this causes, especially on top of the news that BAKIN will be delayed.

Please rate when you can.  And, for those of you who sent me pictures of your screens showing that you've already rated all the entries, thank you for your diligent work!


I barely scratched the surface of this entry before running out of time.  Everything was REALLY pretty and the maps were a lot of fun to just look at, as well as walk around in.  I unfortunately didn't get to ANY of the systems present except a few fights (and being mean to a chicken XD) but I can tell that there is going to be a LOT for me to do once I am able to play the game proper.

Thank you for submitting and I am looking forward to a proper playthrough.  Once again, just the best map designs, I for one love a dense forest and there was no shortage of trees for me in this. :)

I see there's a lot more to it than what I found so far, which is great!  I can see this being a great next game from you :)

Love the appearance change system and also the elemental system!

Thank you for submitting to the jam!!

loved the nordic vibes I got from this.  I did need to look at the walkthrough on the itch page, but it was more because I was crunched for time.  I was very surprised to learn that you hadn't mastered variables (I thought the Liam Davies games must have relied on good execution of variables and switches), so, excellent job learning this, it will take you far :)

It's always a great pleasure to play your thoughtful works, thank you very much for submitting to the jam!

Fun as always.  The dancing had Shar losing it.

It's nice to have visited Endra again.

I'm engaged and want to play more; my playthrough will continue after the jam for sure.Also, it uses my favorite model / character from the engine, as the main character.  And as other characters too. XD

high marks from me.  the design, narrative and theme are right there.  This feels like the last submission in terms of immortality -- I hope one or both of these games gets more content for me to play. 

thank you for submitting to the jam :)

Thank you for submitting to the jam :)

Nice aesthetic, I hope it gets updated!

Very good demo!  I will continue to play when it is updated, and I hope it gets lots of updates!

Very good demo!  I will continue to play when it is updated, and I hope it gets lots of updates!

Loved this!  I always love seeing custom assets but the rounded hills made my morning.  Loved the monster creation mechanic and the theme and narrative were absolutely perfect!
The monsters were tough, but that only showed me that my monster was weak!

rating based on the "non S" version since both were present.
I will allow myself to be a bit more critique-y since I've played two other versions of this game.

spawn rate: UGH

design: i love the layout of things.  some assets don't go together visually.

narrative:  it could have used an update, along with explanations and localization, before the mapped content.  It's almost non existent =(

theme:  It's only technically there, but there's no context for why you wake up in a ravaged camp.

I hope it does get worked on more.

rating based on the "non S" version since both were present.
I will allow myself to be a bit more critique-y since I've played two other versions of this game.

spawn rate: UGH

design: i love the layout of things.  some assets don't go together visually.

narrative:  it could have used an update, along with explanations and localization, before the mapped content.  It's almost non existent =(

theme:  It's only technically there, but there's no context for why you wake up in a ravaged camp.

I hope it does get worked on more.

That was original, I really enjoyed it!  You have a real knack for making systems cohesive in the engine.  The voxel characters looked really awesome as well, I loved them!

I was able to enjoy the first parts of teh game.

However, I became lost on the puzzle section ^^;

But, I found the story to be very funny! Nice job!

I was surprised to see an actual tactical system that worked!  I had to work through the proper keyboard controls since I didn't have my trusty controller, but after that it was pretty smooth.  There's a lot of cool stuff here, I hope my blind playthrough does it justice and I do really hope it gets updated with more content!

Very happy this made it in .  I was pleased to see the forced perspectives and spritework similar to Adley.  I hope to see this get more updates :)

This was fun, primarily because the shadow elementals were TERRIFYING and EVERYWHERE O_O
I was running like crazy to stay away from them!
I enjoyed the story and really felt the theme presence.
Another impressive work from the master Bear!

At first I was quite lost, however after spending some time experiemtning and reading teh instructions, I got a feeling for how to use the system and then had a lot of fun with it!  It is pretty rewarding to blast enemies while running and keeping an eye on weapon overheat and reloading.  Very well done and I hope I can play PER soon!

While my playthroughs of each game are totally separate from the jam and its innermost workings, I shall nonetheless endeavor to play through every entry in at least one episode each before the jam judgement end date, and present your hard work to audiences beyond the jam participation.  Thank you for your amazing efforts and I hope you'll enjoy ^_^

ahhhh, just one day left.


That's right - in a day and a few hours, the jam will be CLOSED to submissions, and everyone who submitted will be able to rate each other's entries.

It is possible for everyone to rate the entries right away.  If all entries get rated before the jam end, I will end the jam and announce the winner!

Even though I am submitting a tech demo, I am disqualifying my entry from winning, as in last jams ^^.  I love participating for the challenge and for the enjoyment of others anyway, though.

Best of luck to the top three entries.  I hope those of you who still have to submit will please do so, and don't miss the deadline!  If your pr9jwct isn't dine, please submit it anyway, and don't worry about the incompleteness!

Even if it is incomplete, you could still win a copy of RPG DEVELOPER BAKIN!

If you haven't submitted yet,

Ask yourself - will you be able to?

Here is an idea that may help kickstart your motivation while first putting you at ease.

Go ahead and make an event now, that more or less delivers the message:

"Thank you for playing my game; due to time constraints, this is the end of this version."

Make it play once an "end of game" switch is turned on, then go find your last event and turn the switch on.

That's it!  Now you can rest knowing your submission is "last minute ready" and can be submitted at any time.

As these next several days pass, you may find yourself able to come up with more quick content to put in, or additional polishing.

Remember, a game can be submitted that isn't finished, so please make sure you submit something rather than nothing at all!

Alright, back to work!


in the last, I have played all of the entries to jams on my channel, during the judgement period.

However, this year, I would like to play the submissions as soon as possible. ^_^

If you are finished with your submission, and you do not intend to upload a new version, please let me know.  And I will play it soon on my channel.

But, caution!

If you update your submission later, I won't play it twice 😆 

Use replies below to let me know if you are ready for a "Let's-Play" video of your submission!!


I MUST recommend this to fans of dungeon crawler experiences.  I compared my gameplay with advanced heroquest, and the new arena mode is very challenging but provides a lot of content if you can grind through it!

Highly recommended to try this!

I hope you're as excited as I am.

I'm entering again for the feedback, but exempting myself from any winnings, again!

I have something that I've seen done before in certain ways, but I've tried to really flesh it out functionally and for presentation; it's something I think some people may find useful, so it will later be available in *Land of Extensia* as a tool that you can use in your own games.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone submits.  I wish you all the best of luck!

Hello, I don't think I've posted here before.  but RPG Developer BAKIN is coming from the makers of Smile Game Builder, and it looks AMAZING.  For the third year of the Smile Game Builder Summer jam, SmileBOOM has graciously offered to sponsor THREE KEYS to winners of this jam.  Would you like to learn more about it??

Of course!  The official Discord is in fact here!  See you there ^_^
(and, I'll update the jam page to include this!)

This was a lovely experience.  I played it all the way through and see it had a ton of heart put into every bit. Your team did an amazing job with the story with this setting and context, and it was overall very sweet.

I have played for my channel, in three parts, the first of which went up today. ^^

I played for my channel (and have more content to come).

Grindalf's style is one of my favorites, and he brings the right amount of challenge and charm to his work.

Here's my experience.  Thank you for your hard work on this :)

Looking forward to more!

I played and had a lot of fun exploring with the cute mice.  I was fearful for their tiny existences. T_T
Good job.

A cute WIP, with a  unique perspective,  and interesting mechanics!

I thank you for submitting this, and it would be great to see more developed!

I've said it in other places, but it bears repeating here:

This plays, looks and feels, both thematically and mechanically, as a culmination of hard work and experience, as well as everything learned through the frustrations and trials of the last few demos, and in the best way.  This is the CompanionWulf game I want to see developed, and continued.  This is the game with the systems that shall bear the most fruit, both for budding developers who need to understand how menu systems might be designed as well as experienced folks who haven't wrapped their head around how to progress through the limitations.  And as a game in and of itself, it is very much rewarding to see achievements, collectibles, and progression through relationship.

I thank you for finding the time, some way some how, to work on this for submission.  It has maintained the unexpectedly high bar set by this round of participants!