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you can re-submit the quest using this link :]

Hi RackBrainz, can you please resubmit your quest?  It was removed in error.

so, usually I try to time these jam submission periods to end at the same time I am done with my full time job schedule. 

And, like always, I miss the mark somehow. 😔 

But that's alright.  I have to work tomorrow,  and can't judge, and that get  all day tomorrow to submit as well!

Use the time wisely!

Or dangerously!

Or...apathetically! It's up to you!



This tutorial is great, how absolutely delightful!  It's very clear and concise and is very easy to digest.  Plus this is an oft requested help topic!

I particularly love the editing, the humor and the fact it is delivered by a vtuber, this is just super!  

Thank you for your fun submission and great job!!

Hello and regards from the US!

I recently purchased the Dungeon Maker Sketch software from its page due to seeing that it was now allowed for commercial use. However, the included binding EULA has been left to state that commercial use is prohibited.

I apologize for the inconvenience and I do realize there is permissive language on the itch page, but is there any way you could update the included EULA? If you haven't got the time, would you be able to grant me permission to use the software via email?

(Rewonderland at g mail dot com)

 I would very much like to use the software for a commercial project and would just like to make sure I'm following all agreements :)

I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I hope by extension it will be alright to talk about this software and do a bit of streaming or design videos with it on my YouTube channels, which are monetized (AmalgamAsh and AshQuest); please let me know if this would be alright!

Best regards,


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This was a good entry and challenging, but unfortunately had to be disqualified from the jam for overuse of assets (ice gremlins and gargoyles, I didn't check further to see if there were more).  Looking forward to more quests, I hope you keep creating!

This was a tough but really awesome quest.

It was unfortunately disqualified due to overuse of assets (Frozen Horror room tile is used twice -- while the tile faces are used separately, there is no way to recreate the quest using only one copy of the expansion since the rooms are on opposing sides of the same tile).  That said, I hope to see a similar quest submitted to a future jam where this rule may be lifted.  :]

really awesome adventure, and lovely to see pretty much a mini-campaign.

Unfortunately disqualified from the jam because it's not a valid one-quest entry, but in the near future I hope to see something like this submitted to a more open and freeform jam!

This is a really, really cool quest.

It was unfortunately disqualified from the Quest Jam due to an overuse of assets (doors).  It would be awesome to see a similar quest submitted next year!

Is it required to use an existing interpretation of Amalgamia or can we come up with our own?

If we would like to use Amalgamia from an existing game, is her model available?

if this is able to help people who use HeroScribe, I will *absolutely* push this tool in the next jam.  It sounds useful!

I hope I can get some time to check it out in the coming days, but I encourage others here to look at it and do report back here if they'd like 😀 

ahh, sorry, it was because I placed a message in the current submission before removing it.

Basically unfortunately I had to disqualify the quest submission due to it being over 1 page.  The quest notes on the second page were pretty crucial versus the blank pages or optional lore notes that I am allowing through this year.   Apologies, it is still a very good quest and I'm glad to see your page populated with a few quests now :]

Disqualified due to too many doors (open doors may exceed limit of 16).

However, I recorded a video for this entry anyway.

Thank you for this quest.

Itch is a great place to leave the quest, even Upload more quests/ campaigns / resources that aren't jam related - then you can share the link to your quests all over the other platforms!

a "new" mechanic would be a special rule - but special rules can also consist of other things that aren't mechanics.  Darkness woukd be a new mechanic and thus a special rule.

If its already explained in any official document, then there's no need to repeat the rule in your quest note.

I dont ever want to impose a word count maximum.  I want quests to be readable easily, and accessible.  I just want the quest map up top and notes on the bottom because that's how we expect to see the quest and play the quest.  It should be normal convention, it should be expected.  And I want users to choose the program they want to use based on look and feel and whether it can provide all they need for their quests.  The programs are different by design, and that's important for the user to know.

Post processing is only allowed for heroscribe, and not if you are using the other tools - that's blatantly in the rules (not sure if that's part of what you're asking, but just so it's clear to others with similar questions).  Some tools don't do what the others do, which is why they were all allowed this jam.

Everything not in the quest isn't judged.  The itch page design, the homebrew cards, none of it matters for submission purposes.  Go ham on cards...or don't make any at all.  These honestly are for your flavor but aren't counted as part of the quest.

I hope that helps.  Much of this I'll try to condense and make more explicit next year.

sorry you missed the window!

I'm happy to answer rules clarification here, and questions asked now will help me clarify better for next jam :]  the Discord is fine too, should you wish to join!

Perfectly done, cheers!

There is a LOT of text in this one.  Please edit the text such that the entirety of the quest notes is contained in the bottom half of the pdf, and the map on the top half, then re-submit.

Anything that isn't essential can go onto a second, non-judged page to expand on the lore for interested players!

I'm looking through now trying to catch quests that might not make it through.

Make sure your quest, when printed, can contain the entirety of the map on the upper half of the page and the entirety of the quest notes on the lower!  If you need more space for LORE, this can go on a second page for interested players but will not be looked at in the jam by the judges!

Please, please please make sure your awesome quest isn't overburdened by rules, lore, NPCs and text that is too hard to read or overtaking the quest document because of its sheer amount!

I apologize but I will not be allowing quests like this through, despite the incredible amount of effort that went into making them.

Self-edit, heroes!  Re-submissions after the judgement period starts will not be possible!

This is more for the submitter to answer -- if you are designing a quest for a specific makeup of heroes, be as precise as you wish!

You may be broad if you are alright with the judges interpreting broadly -- or extremely nuanced if your quest is designed for an extremely specific makeup of party.

As long as submission period is open, you are allowed to edit and resubmit as many times as you wish!

thank you for submitting this quest to the jam!
please resubmit this quest in English if possible :)

(machine translation is OK)

I haven't downloaded any of the quests yet, but I've been checking in to make sure the submissions are valid (today I removed a cold entry that was video game assets -- this is the equivalent of getting spam for a game jam)!

While doing so I saw some of the descriptions for the exciting quests being entered and I want to say I can't wait to dig into this round of fresh adventures.

Some folks have followed the guidelines of explaining that certain quests are for experienced heroes -- I sure hope this is explained in the Quest Notes as well, because the page information is divorced from the submission and would be ignored for judgement purposes!
There's still plenty of time to enter and submit, or change quest details at this time though, so back to it!

Thank you all for making the Quest Jam a fun and exciting event!


Only the assets listed can be used.  Post processing with non-asset materials is prohibited, for this jam. 

This is one of those questions that is very good...I wish I would have thought of it sooner, to make it an official rule.

This jam is presented in English and geared towards an English speaking audience - as such, please submit the quest in English to the jam.

However, I encourage you to upload the French version of your quest to your own page, where you could even start a collection of quests that you create :]

the challenge of how much to add to a quest is part of the jam.

I won't personally advise how much is too much, but I will be frank here - a judge who decides the creative aspects of your quests is worth the work to build it may judge the accessibility accordingly (mercifully), and another judge who does not see the point of additions may deduct.

Using base assets is "safe", but trust me when I say that there are quests that will use a LOT of assets in a way that will rank just as highly.   It's subjective and there will not be a mathematical formula that gaurantees anyone a win.

I want to see quests that you, the participants, want to build - the ones you are excited to make.  If you worry about chasing a high score to win and put aside your creativity, your quests may suffer for it!

Participants -

Thanks to feedback, Judge discussion and new releases, I have decided to make just a few more major changes to the ruleset.

As you may know, HeroScribe was previously allowed until I was reminded that it did not allow quest notes to be added natively.  With this information I decided to remove it from the jam as adding quest notes to a quest map designed in HeroScribe would break the post processing rule.

After the tool was removed as an option from the jam, a brand new expansion was released for HeroQuest - but assets from the newest release, Against the Ogre Horde, do not have an official jam-certified way to be used in quests.

In addition, there are other official assets that do not have a way to be used in the allowed tools.

I have executed what shall be the final rule changes for the upcoming jam today, and am very pleased to announce the following changes:

HeroScribe is now allowed as a tool to create quests.  If using HeroScribe, participants are allowed to edit their work to add quest notes.

In addition, if using hQuestBuilder or QuestBooklet, participants are allowed to edit their exported files to add tiles and other icons from the official expansions into their work.  Participants may still not use image or PDF editing to manipulate the quest notes (i.e resizing text to avoid a second page).  

With these changes, a new judged category has been added to accommodate the judges when scoring quests.  Judges will now score participants based on accessibility of the quest, i.e how accessible the quest is to setup and play.  This is scored subjectively, will differ depending on the perspective of each judge, and likely score lower the more assets are crammed into a quest.

To accommodate participants who have had to work hard to stay within the stringent lines of the restrictions placed upon them by the current rules, the Jam submission START and END dates have been pushed back by one week.  Use this new extension of time wisely to make any necessary changes to your quests with the new tools and resources at your disposal!

This will be the last surprise for the jam - I hope the changes will be received well!  

Be sure to note that the rule pertaining to the asset limit now excludes wandering monsters - this means wandering monsters will not count towards the asset limit in any quest!

Enjoy, comment anything you like below and I'll see you at submission!


azakaela and hzsmith on itch both have awesome free music for your games!

Heroes and Wizards alike,

For this iteration of the Quest Jam, the rules have been slightly altered to clarify:

-no assets may be used outside of board (i.e no tiles connected to board to extend map)

-wandering monsters now outside of / an exception to the asset limit

Don't worry about Wandering monsters counting towards asset limits.  However, the rules of monster substitution still apply, the particulars of which will depend on which version of HeroQuest you've based your quest on!

Questions, comments, concerns -- sound off below!

Sure, multiple holes is fine.

You can use free or paid assets as long as you have the right/license/permission to use them :]

(1 edit)

results and ample time to rate entries have been given, and I am ready to reveal the results!

Congratulations to CF Leonhardt for their community-won submission "Dick Hardwood, PI" - made with RPG in a Box!

C.F wins bragging rights as the winner of the second (and so far largest) Minutiae jam ever, and as such, is recorded on my main page's list of jams and their winners!

I agree with this community judgement as C.F really worked to embody the spirit of the Minutiae and applied many of the challenges, each one adding even more limitations or dev time, to create a unique experience that had a polished feel and an ending!

I hope to see this game continue!

C.F may create a new optional requirement that future Minutiae jams can utilize, changing the course of this strange and evolving jam series -- and may *delete* an existing requirement, if they so choose!

But wait!  There is another winner-- a winner I have chosen alone, not based on community ratings but based on my own feel of judgement criteria applied, in which I feel the participant excelled into the stratosphere:

Nil Bogg's Tiny Adventure, by Poulet Rôti!

I loved this game's gameplay loop, graphic and sound choices, and most of all the main character!  Nil has promised to give me my credit card back as well for including this game as a winning entry, so let's hear that applause!

Poulet will be able to add a new condition to the lost of requirements, further evolving the jam's later incarnations, and will be recorded as second place winner for this Minutiae!


A World of Paradox: Forsaken Singularity really nailed a TON of the requirements of this jam, and went the extra, extra mile to tell a story with all of these elements that was cohesive and totally encapsulated the Minutiae!  If anyone joins future jams, consider this the high end of the bar!

The creator, Absolute Anarchy will also be able to make an additional requirement for future jam participants to choose!, and will be listed as tied for second place!

Congrats to the winners!

Finally, this will be the FINAL jam I host in which the "judged by participants" setting is used.  From now on, I (and / or a selection of panel judges) will comprise the judgement entity -- using participants to judge simply doesn't apply things in a fair, balanced or timely way historically, and so it will not be used again.

With that said, I really did love all of the submissions given to this jam, and I will complete a video giving each and every one of them recognition soon, in a compilation and announcement video.

Thank you all so much for participating and I hope you'll look forward to the next jam!


Why? Because I need to extend it for my own playthroughs!

This will be a common element of Minutiae jams going forward, and included in jam details.

I can say that, at the time of this writing, I have played all of the games in earnest, and am merely working on the videos for them :)

thoughts on the experience as a whole soon!

have a merry christmas!

Must be disqualified due to asset use; please reach out to me if the Front Mission sound and graphical assets were licensed for use.

I'm all about that bass synth.

This song is SO JOLLY. >=0!!!!


I intentionally left the entire weekend to give folks time to work on whatever they like.

I am looking forward to seeing the challenges people decided to take on, and the variety of experiences.

See you soon...!