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A video I made for this generator ^_^

I really wanted to showcase this combination in a video.  I hope this is alright.

I was really blown away by seeing the ABS working on the map scene so quickly and without problems.  I have a video slated for the 12th that you're more than welcome to use for whatever purpose you like!

I did not know what to expect, yet I was pleasantly surprised.

I am thankful for this submission.  Soon I shall have a playthrough of it ^_^

Also, the colors look really nice.  

Sorry for the lack of updates and communication!

I'm alive, and these games will be getting showcased soon.  It may be another two weeks, however - I got buried in work, and not the fun kind.

To stay up to date with the latest, you're free to join the chill Discord ^^

After some feedback, I've decided it would be best to extend the jam deadline and allow myself a little more time to promote it and give it the attention I feel it initially deserved (but did not get).

I have pushed the submission deadline up by two weeks!

Thanks for understanding, and talk soon!...

hey folks!

Looks like a good turnout for participants.

I have questions about the jam, and would like to get feedback from you guys?

Is everyone feeling good about submitting within the month?

Would you rather the jam extend into next month?

Do you like the challenge / point system, or did you only enter for exposure?

I'd like this event to be populated and something participants and lurkers alike can look forward to- please let me know if you've got suggestions!

after finally getting time to look at it (sorry for the looooong delay), I think Bitsy is niche enough to be included.

I have updated the jam engine list, and would love to see a game /WIP/demo/proof submitted using the engine =)

Thanks for the suggestion!

CONGRATULATIONS on winning my SGB Summer 2021 Jam ^_^!!

(It tied for grand prize with Dracula: A Gothic RPG)

Can you get in touch with me on Discord?  I'd love to give you your prizes!

If you submitted, you get prizes by default:

-my floor and ceiling pack (early access),
-a participant trophy (still in progress),
-a discord role in my server (not necessary to join!)

If you're reading this, however, it means I can't find you and message you to give you a key to your ceiling pack.  Reach out to me on Discord, and I'll set you up ^_^


I am ready to immerse myself into this universe, and will follow its progress closely. 

LOTS of deep, carefully considered lore, which I recognize and respect.

The demo assets were all very impressive, even if you had to rush to process and place them.

I hope to see lots, lots more...but take a well deserved rest!

My wife loved this entry (she said it was the winner, for her).

I enjoyed the unique style and genre of game made considering the engine.  I was very impressed by the art and presentation.

The story made mention of many things that made even me, a master detective who has seen his fair share of blood and gore, very uncomfortable.  I considered an early retirement at the thought of certain non-family-friendly clown exhibits.

I really appreciate this entry, and thank you for submitting it.   We had a lot of laughs and smiles with this one, and it was awesome that it was presented "complete" (there was an ending and no indication of limited features!)

I did find a bit of a bug! -- when we brought the older lady in for questioning, we asked her something and she turned into another character!  I might be able to give you specifics on that later, if needed!

Looking at this from my personal view in the context of it being for a jam:

I really like the style, and the presentation.  The text is super fast in the beginning, but that's been pointed out.  The town map was extremely charming and I felt well done, and fun to explore.  The world map was easy on the eyes, and I felt very excited to look at everything.

The woods battles, as mentioned, were too much - for me, they were actually non-stop, and I was unable to escape as I had set the battles to auto, and could not figure out how to set them back.  I ended up stopping in the forest.

I also found what I think was a debug room by examining the well...whoops @.@

I will look very much forward to updates and playing this game in its intended form!

After I made my character (which was fun!), I enjoyed walking around the huge area and trying to find chests and discover all the merchants.  I got some folks on my team and grinded a bit.

To be honest, I got a really strong 'ESO/Skyrim' kind of vibe, in that I felt like the world was huge and I was meant to explore naturally, so I hope that's the kind of open world experience you might be working towards!

I didn't find another map than the main large, bustling desert city, and didn't see any quests.

Thank you for the submission ^^

It's very good to see developers working on solving feature issues.

So I hope you'll keep working on the party switch system ^^.

I would love to see it made available for others in some way, as well!

In the demo, I got stuck between a locked door and a cat...Shi couldn't move because of the cat, and my doctor lady couldn't pass through the door. XD  So, I soft-locked it in this use case.  But the mechanic is interesting!

I really like what you're able to do with UI, and things like the points appearing when interacting with the different objects are a great touch.

Nice to finally experience Pandemia -- at least in game form! -- and good to see it will be developed alongside Quietus.

Touching and very original take.  I smiled a lot playing this, and appreciated the lore and world.

I am looking forward to seeing what future projects you develop!

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Hey everyone!

Looks like there are participants rolling in for my first ever MEGA MINUTIAE jam.
This is great ^_^  welcome here and I hope you enjoy taking on the challenges.
Represent your talents well, but make sure to have fun!

The main purpose of the MEGA MINUTIAE is to bring developers together to see (as well as present) what can be done with a given engine, and build exposure to their engine's community as well as their own community and brand.

I want to say that it's still very early, so there is some wiggle room for the following:
-challenges and their accessibility
-judgement criteria
-engine limitations

Specifically, someone asked if they could submit their game made chiefly in RPGMakerXP.  I didn't consider that people may have wanted to use the older RM engines to make things, but I think they are completely valid.  So, I will be increasing the engine limit to include all versions of RPG Maker ^_^

Someone addressed a problem with the challenges and their accessibility.  I have decided to add more challenges -- and it is important to note that *none of the challenges affect the others, so they can be taken in any combination.  For people who still don't wish to participate in the challenges, but who specifically want to make a game for this jam, well...

Now, you can!

Basically, I will be adding in the challenges "Never before published anywhere else" as well as "made specifically for the jam as denoted by title / subtitle."  If these can be fulfilled, the challenges will be considered met and the game can be submitted as long as it follows one of the themes in a way that you choose! (I had said "credits" previously, but realized that this was too simple and not serving the integrity of the jam...)

As always, if there are any questions, please contact me here or on Discord (AmalgamAsh#5553) any time at all, and I'll back to you soon.

happy devving ^_^

Played through all three character endings and the (one?) Accept my fate ending.

the lore, man, the lore.  I wanted to know more about the world, the story, the other characters...but I was left very suitably hungry, I think.  

there could not have been a better title.  

also rarely have do I have to pull out a dictionary, so points for that.  Kudos to the writer for letting me rest in their words and trust where they drove me.

It's memey, it's silly, it's consistent, it's irreverent, it's OC-packed, it's easter eggy, it's lore teasey...

It's definitely Patchwork.

thank you for the kind words!

If you liked the dialogue (or Dr. Sap), I hope you can check out  Planet Spectrum sometime!

Looking forward to playing your entry!

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oh heck yeah.  I'm always fascinated by cross-engine franchises.  It'll be really intriguing to see how you use SGB to convey any of the elements in your first game.

Glad you joined and looking both games!

I finally finished playing this game.  It was super fun and interesting.

I really loved the stories you crafted for each of the characters.  I didn't think I'd like Azure, but she is super charming!!  And, I really liked the story you set up for Jesse.

My favorite is Roze, though.  I see it's been a long time since the last update, so I hope you are doing well, and if you do begin a patreon, I will support and share the link on my channel as well.

Thank you for this really fun experience. ^ ^

once submissions are open on June 1st, the big submit button shall appear!

No need friend, I am planning on making a series of videos very soon for all of the packs, and will be purchasing the packs I don't have with my own patreon funds ^^

We are all trying to do what we love for a living after all!

that's awesome news! Great to hear it ^0^

YES!  The king has returned!

I'll support you when I can.  I definitely still owe you showcase videos.

Have you considered making a patreon?  Your work is perfect for that business model!

I just got to playing ^_^
I Ireally enjoyed the lore.  I'd love to see more of this, or more of the characters in any other project!

how's everyone doing?

What's your project going to be?

I haven't started mine yet.  I'm hoping to get started tonight.

It's going to be a little Alice inspired with some horror. 

Sort of.

You'll see.  Super short and hopefully ambient!

Anyone else comfortable sharing?

that's wonderful criticism! Thank you for taking the time to share it, and explain it in a clear way!

I'll definitely consider these points when continuing development.   No worries :)

I love this game and it's presentation.  I am currently playing it and uploading my gameplay, and showering it with praise.  Very, very good job on this.  I'll check back for updates!

thank you!

Titanium is just a hologram, so it's OK if you walk through her.  She won't mind XD

I played this, but never commented on how nice and ambitious I thought it was.  I hope it will be further updated, and plan on playing more  in the future.