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Started playing this VN this afternoon after hearing so many good things about it (mostly that it contained gay asians like myself). I know nothing about what the story contains so I'm really excited to get through it! I'll be recording it as I go along. I'm not sure how long it is, but I plan to have ~30 minute segments. Can't wait to finally experience some gaysian representation! <3 

I really, really enjoyed this game! It was short, but that's what I expected. The length did not subtract from the overwhelmingly great quality of the game. I love the option of choosing which character you hear the story from, and the dialogue all around was concise and relatable. When I went into the game I expected a thrilling zombie story, but left with a new view on how to live life... and maybe a minor fear of the apocalypse. All in all, a really nice short visual novel. Great quality for the non-existant price!

I recorded my playthrough here - I'm not great at voice-acting, but I tried my best. Keep making great visual novels like this one! I'll be sure to play them someday :)

Hey, just another quick bug update - in story mode, it gets to the third song smoothly and then no notes fall.

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Thanks so much for the quick response! Yes, it's totally alright for you to send me the updated build to my email. I look forwards to playing it :)

Hi, I just bought the game and I found there's quite a few issues when playing through the Story Mode - I've tried re-installing the game multiple times now to no avail. Whenever I play, it will randomly count pressed notes as missed ones. As well, the game always seems to crash two songs after the Finale. Also, I'm not sure if the game is intentionally randomized, but the two times I tried to open Story Mode the openings were completely different. One of them had a proper opening with the CG and voice acting, while the other threw me straight into the gameplay and had a different jumpscare than the other. 

I do love the game and it's concept, so I was wondering if there's anything I can do to fix this on my end, or if it's an issue with the game as a whole?


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Really adorable game! I just HAD to play it once I saw how cute the artstyle was c;