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Awesome pack, I am using it for my RPG Platformer :D

Really nice idea of game, at the start I didn't know how to control it but in the end I got the hang of it.

Never thought my typing is so slow :))

Thank you, I played your game as well, and I think it's one of the greatest of this jam :D

This game idea is very good, although it doesn't seem clear what is your quest. 

I like how you've done the visual levels, and how you set up the points. Maybe a bigger max points would make jt  a lot better. If you have time, you could improve and add a finished version 😁

Grat game, very fun mechanic ad a very good range of weapons. Well done.

How do I get past Sam and Fat Sam?

The game is so great, has an original idea and plays amazing. Also, fits well the theme and the story is nice.

I could only find 3 children but the game is amazing. 5/5

I agree, I couldn't figure out what I have to do. 
I loved the music, but again, I didn't manage to get too far in-game.

Nice idea of the game, it doesn't really fit the theme but it's fun.

One of the nicest games I've played in this Jam.

One thing I would add would be the shark not moving over the birds to get to you... this is quite sad when the birds move in the direction of the shark and you are forced to go into it. Other than that, a very nice game.

A really fun game, nice background music and good mechanics. My highscore was 12 but it was so much fun. Good game :D

I can not understand how the game works. The graphics could be better. Overall not a good game I'm afraid.

I can not open the game, application is failing to start :/ 

The game is fun and quite challenging. It is good if you can add some background music to it. 

This game has a great idea, the idea it's cool but it's becoming quite boring after the first few minutes.

If you cold add some variations to the stats and to the asteroids, that would be amazing, and it will make it a great game.Also, the music is very cool.

Awesome pack, thank you :D

Thank you for the amazing artwork. Will use them in my latformer project.

Damn, that was quick. Thank you for your kindness, you are great. I will use these assets in my pixel art platformer. The blue arrow will give the player a debuff. Do you have a twitter so I can tag you when posting pics?

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Thank you so much :) Do you know how can I see the blue arrow animation? I can't find it in the Bows folder.

Thank you, your assets are awesome :)

Hi, would I be able to use this UI assets in my commercial project? Also, am I allowed to modify the assets to bether match my colour scheme? Thank you :)

Hey, could you please tell me what is the license for this asset pack? Can I modify and use the assets in a commercial project(giving full credit)? Thank you.

This is awesome, thank you :) 

Here it is:

Hi, I would like to contact you about getting one character for my dungeon platformer (I will pay, of course). Please let me know how I can message you. Thank you :) 

I'm planning to use some of the icons/ui in my platformer game, I will let you know once the game is finished.

This is so great, simple and nice assets. Thank you so much for your work and for sharing these with the indie developers out there :)

You cold try using the slide animation backwards and giving some red color splash effect to represent as it was hit :) 

My pleasure, I will finish the level in the upcoming days and I will share it on twitter. I will share this link so maybe other people can take a look at your amazing art :) 

Thank you, I will use this animation for my 2D platformer project, giving full credit. :) 

Would you like to add me on twitter? I started following you but can't send you messages

Great asset pack. I will use this in my 2D platformer Demo, especially the bat.
Thanks a lot :D

They are amazing :D 
Keep up the good work :)

Thank you very much :)

Nice assets, thank you for uploading and keep up the good work :D