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Nice spin on space invaders!

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Placing a card is so satisfying! ❤️

Nice! This game really does pop!

Looking forward to seeing this game progress!

Loved the theme!

A nice take on crossing genres  👍

Love all the visual gags! The exit button on the web taking me to a blank screen is confusing though.

Nice, though shots actioned just before dying are fired when I respawn losing a bullet in the process :(

I've now added a trail of yarn feature, is it still confusing?

Done ✅

Thanks, I've added a trail of yarn feature! Makes things easier for those filthy casuals 😜

Nice! I enjoyed it very much :D

Nice game! I'd like an option to skip the dialogue as I'm way too impatient!

Awesome game! Keep it up.

Very addictive!

That is one cool bear with a cool jetpack!

Love the music! Just wondered when I hit the sides I should be teleporting to the centre?

Vert slick!

Good work! Can the music play continually though? As when I die and hear the music start again it starts to grate on me.

Nice work! Though the controls are off centre as I have to click off to the left of the orca to fire straight up.

Really cool, the only thing I'd like to of seen is both sets of hand responding to my keyboard. IE if I pressed the cursor keys so did both models as it took me a while to notice the same movements between both sets of hands.

Took me while to get what was going on. My frustration I was being too slow drawing the cards :(

Looks really cool, but I'm on a mac 😭. Any plans to port ?

The maze and squares are "static", but there are about 100 "rooms" within this game so some rooms look the same as others so I can understand why the squares seem to appear out of nowhere.

I like the mouse toy idea!

That was truly frustrating.

I think they're referring to this:

Shoot (b) didn't work for me?

Sendwich or sandwich?

Nice! I wasn't that great as I was flailing about all over the place!

This would be awesome for mobile! Really need a way to shake the tank  though as I got stuck

Nice but I feel the knives need more weight.

Awesome but needs more quack!

I like it! Very Ducktales. 

Nice work! Only issue I had was the glowing eyes appeared in front of a tree on the occasion and broke the immersion for me.

Seem really cool but I can't move on from the ship?

Awesome game! Maybe some variety in stuff to collect on the next iteration?

I loved the puzzle elements!

Nice inversion on the classic Space Invaders!

The voice acting is great! Just wish I could see what she sees in the dark, otherwise it's frustrating when she runs back to the light with no prompt.

Cool graphics, just wondered if there could be something warning me there's no platform below?