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Very promising game, looking forward to see what this game will become. I like the artstyle and overall juiciness of the game, but players might be confused with the SNKRX game, which does looks the same.

From the gameplay perspective I do like building and vary upgrading ways, but don't like J/S system. I can see that each tower spend some energy each second, but seems like overall J spent depends on enemies killed too?  I can pass a few days without upgrading any towers, but each day my total taxes would be different. On later days I completely ignore my taxes, because I can't influence on that (disabling towers is not fun, especially if I've upgraded them).

I think energy system might be interesting, like building more flowers to generate energy (and connect them with the power lines, like in Mindustry), maybe some towers would drain energy from nearby towers or anything.

Also, please, do not stop the game when the window is not focused. Since I do nothing when fighting goes, it would be great if I can switch windows and do some other stuff on my PC.

I do enjoy this game and want to play it more in the future. Keep on keeping on!

Fun and challenging game! I like sound effects and overall simplicity - but it would helped a lot if you project dice sides on ground, since from the camera perspective I can't see sometimes on what side I will land my next move

Fun game, but it's a little bit difficult and unresponsive. I like to upgrade dice with more abilities

An interesting idea, but a little bit hard (for me) to calculate the way to beat the level - I usually just try random paths to see which works

You have to jump first and then "down+LMB"

Does this game have a win state? I'm on wave 36 and it's still not ending

Nope :(

It's my fault, I'm sorry. 

I kinda lost the code for this game, so I can't add menu for changing mouse sensitivity. But I will add it to the next games!

Thank you!

I don't have VR so no :(

Update DirectX

But there is none :(

Thank you!

Dunno what it is, tbh. Maybe try to download manually zip archive (not via app) or just skip my stupid game.

Don't know why, actually. Gimme details for nerds!

Can you try again?

540k my best run, thank you so much for making it! 

Game is so great, supported on paypal!

vielen Dank!




It's Oculus Rift plugin that comes with the UE4


I fixed it just right now, please don't cancel me and download a new version!

Will check it today, thank you mate!

Pls no!

Bigger is better they says

I've fixed it! But you need to download the game again, sorry for that! :(

Thank you!

Nope, it isn't normal. You have collected 3 stars and finished at a hole? Will check it asap

I forgot to upload the game! Now everything is fine, you can download it!

Damn, I'm stupid and forgot to upload the game. Now download link is working!

Install latest C++ redist

Yeah, I definitely should dig into settings more, sry for that

welcome to the future

Sooner Sony will just ban me, lol

I don't think I can check runs, because I'm too dumb at this and also this game have so much bugs, even I don't know everything, lol

shhh, don't tell anyone

Someone says Unreal?


You can't