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I enjoyed this game! :)

I got jumpscared by a door. Typical me.

This is a great game! I love the scary atmosphere that you have created. It really fits The Backrooms! Sadly, I didn't get to the ending of the game because I somehow no-clipped through The Backrooms itself haha.

Simple, but good.

Wow! That game was really great! I felt like something could happen at any moment. When I was in the vent I felt like someone else was in there with me! If you want to see my reactions, have a look at my video. Anyway, great work!

Same... he is in a better place now... :,)

Hi there!

I played your game today and absolutely loved every second out of it, the mechanics are absolutely amazing (such as the laptop and the book placing). If you want to see my reactions and or opinion please take a look at my video!

I am looking forward to playing more of your games in the future! :)

Hello! I absolutely loved this game! It was really scary!

I like the maze theme, something is after you and you don't know where you're going is an insanely scary feeling. All the doors make you feel like something could be jumping out of them any second! The vents are very scary as well!

U did a good job at making this game!

If you want to see my reaction to the monster u should watch my video! ;)

Hey there! I played your game today and I absolutely loved it!

The artstyle mixed with the audio and controls really gave this game the discomforting vibe which I think you were definetely going for!  After a while you feel like someone is breathing in your neck giving you another discomforting feeling making this game really scary! I definetely enjoyed this! I played it twice, once on Camera and afther that one more time on my own! The Gameboy minigame was a pretty fun gimmick in my opinion.

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Hey! A few months ago I played your game! I really enjoyed it! The story was really good and enjoyable, the atmosphere was great! I felt like the witch could come around any corner! The scares got me pretty good too!

I also made a little video about it! :)

(It was one of my first horror video's so the quality is a bit lower than my recent video's).

At first I thought it was going to be a very scary alien isolation type of horror game. Afther a while I started to realise this was not the case. I absolutely loved the game! Some of the "jumpscares" actually got me real good! I definetely enjoyed this! :)

Hey! I played your game about a month ago and I gotta say I have never screamed so loud. I loved the concept of the game! The monster is pretty scary and so is the atmosphere! I couldn't find the key sadly but I still had a great time! U definetely have talent so please keep making games! :)

I played your game and absolutely loved it!

This was one of the first FPS horror games I played so it was a real joy!

U definetely have talent and I am looking forward to play more of your games in the future.

Hi! I made a video about your game some months ago!

I gotta say I absolutely loved it! The game has a really good and scary atmosphere and the scares are really good! I would love to play more of your games in the future!

My video is a bit old so there's no facecam yet and I still have a bad mic set-up! haha.